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    Take your business plan to your bank and see where they go from there.

    Still try the banks if not go to private institutions they are more willing to give loans to persons who have bad credit scores. Sorry to see what caused you to be in such a situation, here are some tips to improve your credit score . All the best with your business plans.

    Military did not pay on time? That is the first I have ever heard that line but.. Your a vet you can get 50K almost automatically go to the Cairo and see them I forgot the loan guarantee program but all vets can get 50K guarantee

Help...I need real advice soon..at whits end?

  • Jammie Schumm
    Jammie Schumm
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  • Jefferey Crist
    Jefferey Crist
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  • Bernice Watsica
    Bernice Watsica
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  • Dax Cremin
    Dax Cremin
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    Hal Block
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  • Marjory Hayes
    Marjory Hayes
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