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    I live in Calhoun I have $220K ($217K balance) mortgage at 4.375% My house is worth $250K $280K depending on who you believe. I owe student loans in the amount of $73K. I have been on a graduated payment plan. I borrowed $32K. Since 2003 I have paid back $45K and the balance keeps going up. My payment is now at $580 and will go up $80 again next year. My credit is 720 - 740 I want to combine my mortgage and student loans together. This will end up giving me a LTV of 115%. Is this even a possibility? Are there any mortgages out there that can help? Any unsecured loans out there for $72K for 20-25 years? Any advice? Thanks

    Can't do it. You cannot borrow more than your home is worth. Honestly, I'd start paying the extra $80 a month now to bring down your principal. The problem is you are gaining a ton of interest and not making a dent on the principal. Keep in mind- it will cost you an additional $5-6K to refinance your home. You'll only get about $25-30K worth of equity out of it, and have to pay PMI longer on top of your mortgage payment. This is going to cost you in the end... Bad idea! Instead, put all the extra money you can towards student loans. Start paying an extra $100/month to them and bring that principle down!

Can you read this message and help me?Is that is a right message I have received?

  • Sincere Beier
    Sincere Beier
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  • Thomas Bogisich
    Thomas Bogisich
    Shit , yeah scam , we had same communication 1 ago
  • Kira Halvorson
    Kira Halvorson
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  • Alene Lynch
    Alene Lynch
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  • Kamron Haley
    Kamron Haley
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  • Ocie Friesen
    Ocie Friesen
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  • Vicente Turner
    Vicente Turner
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    Jerel Cummerata
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    Cletus Armstrong
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    Brionna Rowe
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    Celestine Hirthe
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