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    Yes, if you can get am unsecured loan to pay off 1 or more of those credit cards it will be better for your credit in the long run .. But once they are paid off do not charge them back up .. that would just make things worse for you financially. I suggest cutting all the cards but 1 and use it for emergencies only!! Good Luck!

    Lots of good info in the posts so far. First and foremost shop for a Line of Credit (LOC) credit card and do a balance transfer .....then cut up your old cards and cancel them so they cant be used. This alone can save you upwards of 22% depending on the cards you carry. Secondly you have to go on a cash diet. The best way is to never take out more than a set amount for a 2-3 day period. Leave your card at home!!! what is most important is to re-evaluate your lifestyle and decide what you really can and can't live without at this time. This is not meant to make your life unbearable but today it is a very materialistic world...you do need to treat yourself. And last you need to consider starting a part time low cost business for tax relief. Do you own a cell phone? Car payments? etc. It can make a big difference.

    1st of all stop spending! (if u can), work out how much you actually need to spend each week, be realistic include money for luxuries etc. only get a bank loan if the APR is cheaper that all of ur credit cards. if not transfer all debt to the lowest apr card, CUT them all up, even the one with all the money on. set up a standing order and pay as much as you can off each month. it won;t be easy but once your clear its a great feeling. i myself have been in the same situation!! i no longer have creit cards, this way i never get to this situation again. hope this helps, if ur still stuck speak to ur lenders, they sometimes can help. afterall they want the money you owe them!!!!

    The first thing you can do is think carefully before you use the credit cards. Don't buy anything that isn't absolutely necessary. Get a financial adviser and for goodness sake don't use the companies that advertise on tv. They cause more problems than they solve. At 19 years old you've got to start getting your finances in order or they'll haunt you the rest of your life. It'll become a vicious circle.

    You need to make a list of what your current debt on each credit card is. In order to get out of debt faster, it is advisable to pay the minimum payments on all cards and then as much as possible on the highest rate card. Just keep paying off the highest-rate card and you will eventually be debt free. Doing it this way stops you from simply servicing debt and allows you to stop digging yourself into a hole by assuming massive interest charges.

    Get a second job or get a consolidation loan. Your credit is too important to mess with. Read Dave Ramsey's book financial peace and quit charging! God bless and STAY Calhoun SCHOOL. Maybe get a student loan? low interest and don't charge any more period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Either consolidate or get another job and pay those suckers. Your credit is important. Once it's bad, it's hard to get it back again, if ever.

    I owe 90 thousand in medical bills.I know about debt it sucks especillaly when its not your fault and the credit places act like it is.

    You might want to meet with a credit counselor to help discover what your options are. They can help you with budgeting and can review different strategies to get out of debt.

    Stop using your credit cards and pay your bills off one by one

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