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    First - PARTICK: at least in the Air Force i retired from, you had to serve 20 years to get a pension, unless they offered early retirement at 15. but NINE years? not a cent buddy! enjoy social security unless you were wise enough to invest in TSP! to the question.... in only 60 days? sorry. you haven't earned ANYTHING...not even the right to call yourself a veteran. you have no benefits (unless you were discharged on a medical and have service related - but i doubt it). no medical. no dental. no Calhoun home loan guarantee. no GI Bill. nothing.

    60 days? No, you didn't get an Honorable discharge, don't try to lie on this forum, most of the people answering are Veterans or still currently serving.....and we can ALL smell the B/S coming from your lips! 60 days means you were STILL in IET, and you got what is called an ELS also known as an Entry Level Separation. What an ELS means is that you FAILED TO ACTUALLY MAKE IT INTO THE MILITARY and were separated before you were actually even officially in! With an ELS you get nothing...that's right NO BENEFITS! See what you were told was it was a discharge OF AN HONORABLE NATURE meaning that it wasn't a dishonorable. A discharge of an Honorable NATURE does NOT mean an Honorable Discharge. You were in the Army?? again you're wrong....to ACTUALLY be in the Army means you HAVE COMPLETED IET TRAINING AND MADE IT TO AN ACTUAL UNIT....you were never actually in the Army, you were in IET TRYING to make it into the Army....No unit patch=NOT Calhoun THE ARMY YET. Again you received an ELS and you get NO benefits!

    For all you barracks lawyers out there, yes you can get an honorable discharge after 60 days, a couple ways off the top of my head are being overweight and recieving a chapter 18 (army) or getting injured and getting a med board. As far as benifits you would have to contact the Calhoun but be catious, you might get laughed at, 60 days is no time at all.

    How can you get an honourable discharge after 60 days? The procedure alone can take many months. No, I smell B.S.

    I am sure you did have an honourable discharge, let's face it, you weren't in long enough to have any other kind. Of course you are not entitled to any kind of benefits you plum. What have you contributed to the system in your lengthy military career? Seems to me you chose to leave, or you failed something and were not suited to the Military, no shame in either of those things, but it certainly does not entitle you to anything. You have to serve at least 9 years before you are eligible for a pension.

    You earned no benefits at all.


    Don't think so.

I want to start a pipe/"head" shop in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH, how do I go about doing this?

  • Bethel Mayer
    Bethel Mayer
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  • Melisa Dickens
    Melisa Dickens
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  • Lonny Lynch
    Lonny Lynch
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  • Mariano Rohan
    Mariano Rohan
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