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    I'm trying to move out for the first time but have no credit history so I'm going to talk to my bank tomorrow about aplying for a credit card. But I don't have enough savings yet to rent an apartment, can I ask for an UNSECURED loan from the bank? I know its going to be higher interest rate, if not at all possible! Please help me understand, i'm really trying to learn to become indeendent :)

    If you have no credit history, it is very unlikely that you will be able to get a personal loan. People with exceptional credit have problems qualifying. Banks just don't do personal loans much any more. With no credit history, you probably won't qualify for a credit card either. You will likely have to start with a secured card unless you have a full time job and a very good income.

    Banks do not do personal loans anymore. (not unless you are Bill Gates or Oprah). If you ask, they will just hand you a credit card application. Something tells me you won't qualify. New regulations are in place such as 21 or older, with employment for 1 year. Income has to be sufficient (not part time work). If you have not managed to save money while living at home. You are simply not ready to move out. You do not need credit to get an apartment. A landlord wants to see at least 6 months to 1 year's of employment. With sufficient salary to easily afford the rent. I always took my tax returns, savings account and checking statement. That along with my first and last pay stub. Your credit is a little, tiny piece of the puzzle.

    THAT is what a credit card IS, an unsecured loan. Interest exists in two varieties, simple and compound. Simple interest is simply a percentage added on at the end of the time period, usually a year. Simple interest of 5% on an account annually, would add $5 for every $100 in the account. Compound interest is interest on top of interest. In other words, interest added last year becomes principle for this year. The way a credit card works is you buy something, and the bank pays for it now. You now owe the bank the money, in effect, you borrowed the money. 30 to 55 days later the bill is due. You can pay in full or make payments. If you make payments, the bank charges you interest on the money they loaned to you to make a purchase. If you pay in full, however, they can not charge interest. So if you pay in full every time a bill comes, the bank has made you interest free short term loans. From the time you make a purchase until the bill is due can be 30 to 55 days, and all that time, your money has been sitting in your savings account, earning interest, until you shift it from savings to pay your credit card bill in full. So, two birds here, (1) you pay no interest if you pay in full, and (2) your money stays in your savings account earning interest until you pay your bill to avoid paying any interest. And THAT is why you want a credit card and NOT a prepaid card or a debit card. With a prepaid card or a debit card, you put money on deposit with the bank, and pay the bank a fee, and then you can use the card to make purchases. What is wrong with THAT picture? You got it, you put money Candler-MacAfee the bank AND paid the bank to hold it for you until you want to spend it! In my book, the bank should pay Candler-MacAfee interest on any money Candler-MacAfee the bank, NOT the other way round! Which is why you should NOT use a prepaid card or a debit card, EVER.

How do I fight the banks after a repo?

  • Esteban Crooks
    Esteban Crooks
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  • Frida Upton
    Frida Upton
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  • Gay Schmitt
    Gay Schmitt
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  • Nova Reichert
    Nova Reichert
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  • Enrico Connelly
    Enrico Connelly
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