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    These numbers keep calling my cell phone at random times. I'm really scared that people are out to get me or steal something from me and ruin me for good! I'm freaking out that it's a collection agency which I don't how that could be possible; the thing is, I have good credit, my credit card has been paid off for over six months, no late payments. I don't have any unsecured debt and pay my bills on time. In fact the only debt I have is student loans. Most likely they're telemarketers, but I don't know for sure! They still call after I cuss them out and tell them to stop calling. I'm so scared that someone's out to get me, steal my identity or even kill me. These are the following numbers that called my phone: 602-248-0602 888-440-3602 888-801-9925 602-327-0526 When I picked up on the 602 numbers, the guy on the other end claimed that he was a Mastercard Representative, and 888 numbers claimed to be people from a financial institution, so that made me freak out about something being wrong with my credit or that someone's after for some reason and I did something wrong and not know about it.

    Well, I have some advice! When these people call you say..." Why the heck are you FRAUDS calling me?! The say never call me again you scammers!" Ok, why say that? Because, those people aren't real collection agencies, they are identity theft people! Do not give out anything to them! My mother did that about a 1/2 a year ago and lost her identity wasn't until November that she got it back! Don't give out any personal information, NOTHING! I HOPE YOU TAKE MY ADVICE!

    That same thing happens with me! I never pick up or reply though. None of those numbers match the ones on my phone. One time someone sent me a message saying if I believe in god, my boyfriend looked at it and couldn't find anything wrong. Then on new years day, someone sent me something like this, "Its new years day. Now you can tell me all about you problems." Just ignore the calls. Maybe they even have the wrong number. Don't worry. I freaked out at first about those calls, then I kind of got used to them. Just try to get used to them. But, I wouldn't answer them because then they will be able to track you down quicker. (Just make sure to keep your doors locked at all times. Just in case.)

    You can get your credit report for a small or free. Check your credit report and see if any accounts have been opened in your name that you haven't authorized, and also if it reports any late payments. If that's all fine, you're just on a calling list.

    All you can do is call them back don't give them to much information. Ask them who they are calling what they need only you will know if you owe anything to these people. I have gotten calls from collectors that I didn't owe and you can have your phone number removed from there contact information

    Those are called telemarketers, yes. Stop picking up calls from numbers you don't recognize. Put yourself on the No Call List

    If you want to figure out who they are, go to www.whitepages.com, and go to 'reverse lookup' so you can put the phone numbers in and find the people who they belong to. I tried the first one, it is there. It's probably ok though, when you figure out who they are, you'll probably know what they want from you.

    That happens to me, 888 numbers are commercial and ive gotten them from 602's before something about my car which i dont have but if you really are worried just call the cops :) its their job


    You sound like your having a nervous breakdown over something so silly!! Change your number if its that serious!! Candler-MacAfee don't pick it up..bc cursing at them may be why they keep calling back!!! Chill Out a bit...your making me nervous

    Just talk to them and learn what they really want. They can't hurt you so don't worry and calm down.

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