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    Unless you are pre-qualified for an FHA mortgage where taxes and insurance are paid out of escrow it will be tough. Even then, you will have maintenance and upkeep you don't worry about when you are renting. Utilities are more expensive with a house as well. My advice, improve on your combined incomes, save some more cash, and if you two are still together after a year of marriage look for a house again. Mortgages don't have co-signers, FHA loans are guaranteed through FannieMae and one major qualifier is your combined debt-to-income ratio. If it doesn't add up you won't qualify. Conventional loans require 20% down compared to FHA which is only 3%, and even conventional loans have no provisions for co-signers. It would help if your fiance worked full time and at a job that wasn't subject to turnover... Good luck.

    I just bought my first house three years ago. Keep in mind when buying a house, there are also what is called "closing costs"....that could be anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. Other projected costs are maintenance costs. You would want a good cushion of savings, which should include several thousand dollars. You wouldn't want to buy the house, and not be able to afford to get things fixed. That is a big difference between home ownership and renting. When the A/C goes out now, you can call the landlord. When it happens when you have a house, you are paying out of pocket. As I learned close and personally a couple of years ago when I had to buy a new furnace and air compressor unit......it was not pleasant writing that check I will tell you lol When I got my mortgage they looked at my employment history for five years. The lender will probably not consider your length of employment long enough to establish a good employment history. I am not sure whether either of you are attending college.....but if you know that you may not be living in the same area in five years, it is always best to rent. You wouldn't have any equity in the house if you buy a house for less than 5 years. The majority of your payments in the early years goes to the interest of th eloan.

    No. 1) At your income, you are at the upper limit of what you can afford. 2) Neither of you have had credit established for long enough. 3) My guess is that neither of you have 2 years of work history with the same employer. 4) Besides, you should never ever buy a house with someone who you are not married to. When the relationship ends, it gets very messy and you end up with two people with ruined credit.

    Possible, not likely though the LAW H A T E S non married to buy a house together--a lot of laws are skewered that way--- start off, as a test, by finding a house that you can get a LAND contract on Candler-MacAfee a lease option--then, in 3-6 yrs, you will have built up CREDIT can guide further

    It might be close based on salary alone but you will not qualify for a loan based on lack of established credit and 2-4 years of solid employment history.

    - Two years worth of solid employment. With tax returns. - Income must be sufficient. Not from part time or minimum wage. - You need a down payment and other costs. About 7% of price of home. - Established credit Suggestion: Get married first. It will make things a heap of a lot less complicated for your future. --- Concern: Does he have a car loan? This debt will count against his income.

    I'm not sure, but I don't think that a lending company will go for that. You can certainly go and talk to a bank and others. What does the realtor have to say? You are of legal age but your boyfriend is not.

    Afford? Maybe. Actually get one? No. You have no credit history.

    Depends on what the mortgage broker wants as monthly payments, rate of interest etc etc. You need to ask them, not us.

    21. Pretty much without qualification.

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