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    I am looking for some advise. I am 30 years old. I was laid off from my job back in December 09. So right now I am considered a dislocated worker. I do have trade benefits offered to me, but the thing is I want to go to Joseph's College Of Beauty, and Trade will not cover it because it's too expensive. So now I am pretty much on my own if I want to follow through with my dreams. I am not married. I got a divorce back in 2003. I live with my boyfriend right now also. I am curious as to what grants I should apply for, and if I will qualify. This is an email I got for the financial adviser of the School. Our cost of schooling; including tuition, books and equipment is $18,000. You will also recieve a $500 scholarship, making the total cost $17,500. We are a private college so we are a little more expensive than a community college, for example, because we do not get tax dollars like those schools do. We are an Accredited College, so we can help you apply for Federal Financial Aid and if you are eligible for full Federal Pell Grants, they would cover over half of the cost. Then we can also help you apply for Federal Stafford Student Loans. If you come in for a visit, I will write out an Estimate sheet and go over all of the cost in more detail and all of the financial aid you would be eligible for. I'm just worried about what the out come will be. I only made like $14,789 last year. And right now I just work part time as a waitress 3 days a week. This is what I have always wanted to go to school for, but could never afford it. Once I have my mind set to something, its hard for me to turn away from it.

    You are an independent student and single, so only your income will be considered for your eligibility. The fafsa will go by your 2009 taxes (2010-2011 application). With almost $15,000 earned last year you will not qualify for the maximum Pell grant, but you should qualify for some grant money. As an independent student you will be able to borrow up to $9,500/freshman year. So, with that loan money and a possible $3,000 Pell grant for the year, your total will be around $12,500. It is unlikely that you'll qualify for the FSEOG, but you may qualify for some state grants (those vary widely). You may need to take out private loans which will be based on your credit score and debt-to-income ratio (you may need a cosigner). That college is more than "a little more expensive than a community college" since a community college is around $3,000/year or less! If this is your dream, I would go for it; however, a lot of your financial aid is going to be in the form of loans which will have to be repaid with interest. Will you be able to afford the monthly repayments? Definitely meet with a financial aid adviser at the school, but pay attention to what amounts are loan money (sometimes they skim right over those). You can use one of the EFC calculators available on the internet for an estimate of what your EFC will be, the lower the better (0 pretty much guarantees the maximum Pell grant, while 4500 and up generally means you won't qualify for need-based aid). Good luck to you!

    Don't do it, that is way too much for a Canton license! The federal max for grants is only 5550 a year, state grants are less than that. When you start out as a hair dresser you make minimum wage for a few years until you can build up a base of clients, this actually takes 5-6 in general, and if you have high lean payments you could really be in a bad spot (a lot of hair stylists struggle with that and it rips their credit scores as well). I suggest that you do an apprenticeship, which is hands down better than going to school. Unfortunately it will double the number of required hours, but your training is much, much, much better, and they tend to offer their apprentices jobs after they pass your boards. If you apprentice you will already have your foot in the door at a salon. The stylist who you apprentice will give you far more attention, and they will teach you much more advanced techniques. Schools only teach the very basic, this is why stylists who apprenticed are given jobs over ones who studied in a school. Each stylist will charge you a different number, so ask around. This is really the best route to go. They will let you make payments and are much more willing to work with you financially.

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