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    Im a senior in high school and im really confused about what i want to do after high school. I dont know a "specific job" that i want to do i really am good with communicating with people and like talking in front of huge groups of people and i love the medical field. are there any jobs in the medical field that have to deal with communication? please help.

    There are so many career options out there, and making these choices can be quite confusing and overwhelming -- especially when we don't have a definite sense of where we're heading and what we want to do with our lives. I'm still trying to discover what I want to be "when I grow up" -- and I have grown children! <wink> Since you already have the advantage of knowing your personal strengths and interests as you explore various career options, you're one step closer to creating some good, solid goals and moving forward. You've mentioned that you're comfortable speaking in front of a crowd (which is a major plus 'cause most people really fear public speaking!) and you're also interested in the medical field. Given these parameters, there are quite a few professions that you might want to explore including Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), Pharmaceutical Company or Medical Device Company Representative, Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor, AIDS Counseler, and the like. These jobs would entail speaking before individuals and groups. There is certainly a demand in the job market for these positions! Since you know your own preferences and interests, it's difficult for an outsider to name specific job titles. Therefore, I offer the following URLs that can, hopefully, help you in your search. There's a good website at which offers dozens of other career suggestions in the medical field. A large list of links to other helpful websites about health-related careers is included at an extremely comprehensive Health Career Guide which provides a list of links to medical careers at By clicking on the careers that you find most interesting, you'll receive a whole lot of information through this website. Another very helpful website about careers in the medical and health fields can be found at and specifically at By choosing a career in this field, you will be making a great decision! As the article at mentions, "Despite the economic downturn, jobs in the health field are still growing. The population is aging and growing and needs more and better health care." It further reminds us that "Demands and Advances in Technology Create New Opportunities" and "...there has been a significantly increased interest in the health care professions and job opportunities. A strong desire to make a difference and to help others has brought many into the field." "Now with economic struggles throughout the world, many workers are seeking more stable occupations and health care offers this opportunity as well. Despite economic downturns, people continue to get sick and need health care. At one time most of the career options were limited to practitioners and nurses. Today the opportunities have grown and expanded. Technology has helped to open up hundreds of new fields." As you explore the various careers that interest you the most, you might consider contacting a person who is already in that career or service. Perhaps you can "job shadow" him/her at work to see if this is a career option for you. You might even suggest working as a volunteer or a part-time paid staffer so you can get some personal experience in your chosen field. Much of your decision will involve how much college and post-graduate education you'll need for a particular career and how much extra schooling you'll want to undertake. Also, the costs of tuition and student loans, etc. could be deciding factors. Your grade point average and extra-curricular activities in high school could also impact your college or university acceptance and admission. Plus you'll have to consider where your college/university of choice is located, etc. For some careers such as counseling and others, there's a period of time when an apprenticeship or supervised practice work are required. Thus, a lot depends on how much time you want to devote to pursuing a specific career. You can also narrow down your search by analyzing whether you want to work with children or adults or the infirmed or ....? Work daytime hours or evenings or on weekends? Remember, too, that we sometimes start out in one career but due to changes in interests and circumstances, we might hold a number of different jobs in our lifetimes. You'll be the best judge of what kind of work will "sing to your heart!" so be open as you look into these many options and possibilities. If you eventually want to focus more on the public-speaking aspects of a career, sometimes, we have to become "experts" in our fields and then we can give lectures, make presentations and the like to a wider audience


    If the college doesn't have photography as a major then I would look some place else for your studies. Studio art and art history are not the same as photography. There are plenty of colleges in the United States that offer bachelors degrees in photography. I recommend that you find some of these and apply to those before the expiration date for applications passes. Like the last person said, if you call and find out then you'll know for sure. Blessings

    Hi! This is Linda D again! I didn't know that my answer would be cut off, so I'm using my husband's Yahoo account to post the rest of it. If anyone likes my answer and wants to vote a thumbs up or Best Answer, please do this at my first Linda D posting so I can get the credit. Thanks so much! Part 2 of 2 from Linda D: If you eventually want to focus more on the public-speaking aspects of a career, sometimes, we have to become "experts" in our fields and then we can give lectures, make presentations and the like to a wider audience. I hope all of this is helpful! It's great that you're exploring these various options and you've narrowed down your search by knowing yourself and your skills and interests so well. Some of us aren't even THAT far along! <BWG> I hope all of this is helpful! I sincerely wish you the best!

    Sure. A lot of public health has to do with communicating information about different medical issues to people without any background in the subject. And big hospitals or research centers or pharmaceutical companies need Carrollton people, like any other business. You should probably plan on taking a mix of pre-med track (or public health) and communications classes unless you decide you really like one more than the other.

    You could be a medical teacher, or study pre-med along with another major (like Communications or Public Relations) that would make you a specialist in your field. College isn't that hard. If you double major, you'll have to knuckle down & sacrifice a couple of years of freedom, but specialists make sooooo much money that it'll be worth it in couple of years.

    Right now, you'll be a freshman in college next year and there's no urgency to declaring your major. Take liberal arts-type classes in addition to your requirements and get good exposure. Explore. Check out the podcast series, Ear on Careers. You will find out that very few people work in the field of their majors! Best of luck! -Rhonda

    Go to a liberal arts school because you don't have to declare a major until your junior year and you can take classes in all different areas. These schools were built just for people like you!


    You could be a college professor of medicine. Most have both an Carrollton and a PhD, so that can take a lot of college.