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    Please note that he didn't say that he would try but would be stopped by Republicans. You have to judge him on what he said he would do and if it was done. Close Guantanamo - Not so much Stop Bush Tax Cuts - Done but he actually fought it. - Tampa Bay Times (liberal paper) gives him a compromise Foreclosure Prevention Fund - He actually funded more than promised. Immigration Reform - Not so much Not have lobbyists in administration - Not even close Stop Iraq War - I'd say he's come close. We still have 48,000 there Repeal don't ask don't tell - Yes Sign a universal health care bill - Yes Invest 50Billion in fuel efficient vehicles - Yes. Not successful but yes. Increase high school graduation rates - Yes. A 3.5% increase Bring democrats and republicans together - LMAO Secure the border - Too hard to measure. Tampa Bay Times (liberal paper) gives him a compromise Cut typical family health care bill $2,500 - NO Fund Weapons Research - Tampa Bay Times (liberal paper) gives him a compromise Fund Missle Defense - Tampa Bay Times (liberal paper) gives him a compromise Expand Health Savings Account - No Reduce Federal Pay - No Pass Clean Military Spending Bill - Tampa Bay Times (liberal paper) gives him a compromise Do away with the concept of ''comprehensive'' spending bills - No Require production of more biofuels - Tampa Bay Times (liberal paper) gives him a compromise Devote federal resources to promote cellulosic ethanol - No Cap interest rates on payday loans and improve disclosure - Yes Score Yes................7 No..................9 Compromise....6 Note: The effectiveness of the promises is not the issue just if he did it.

    He said during the campaign in 2008 that he was not for a healthcare mandate, and generally supported what amounted to nothing more than a increased healthcare welfare system for the poor...helping them buy private insurance. It as one of his arguments in opposing Hillary....instead he tuned around and did what he claimed was unconstitutional when Hillary supported it. He said that he was going to raise the social security wage base limit....once he was elected he never even proposed it to congress (and has not spoken of it since). He claimed he was going to renegotiate NAFTA and other trade treaties (remember the uproar and his insistence he was actually going to do as he said in regards to this?).....he did absolutely nothing in this regard (not even spoken of since he was elected)....just as was said he would do. He claimed he would enlarge voucher programs and school choice (especially as concerns kids in inner city schools), and take on teacher unions...nothing significant there either. He claimed he would bring down gas prices....and we ALL know how that has worked out.

    Under Obama - Lowest consecutive GDP quarters than anytime in our history - Unemployment has nearly doubled - More workers fall out of the labor force than anytime in our history - Minority unemployment is highest in 30+ years - Young worker unemployment highest since tracked in the 1950's - Real unemployment about 15% - 38% increase in Americans living at or below poverty,.... more than anytime in our history - 36% increase in homelessness - 13% more Americans WITHOUT healthcare today than 4 years ago - 50% increase in debt - 4.5x more people on food stamps - 3x more people on welfare than anytime in our history - In 3 wars instead of 2 and about to be a 4th with Syria - Gitmo still open - More companies have filed bankruptcy than anytime in our history - 25% increase in home foreclosures - Under Obamacare women can only get pap smears every 4 years instead of annually - Under obamacare mamograms every 3 years instead of annually Carrollton 2008 The US Population was 304,383,929 The US Employed workforce was 144,718,830 The Official # Unemployed was 9,493,026 The Number ACTUALLY unemployed was 13,493,026 People on Food Stamps was 30,972,863 National debt 9 Trillion Carrollton 2012 The US Population is 313,903,804 (+3%) The US Employed workforce is 143,535,146 (-1%) The Official # Unemployed was 12,610,774 (+24.7%) The Number ACTUALLY unemployed is 23,113,403 (+71.3%) People on Food Stamps was 45,984,665 (+50%) National debt 15.566 Trillion (+75%) That is the Obama legacy. Unemployment up 25%, real unemployment up 71%, food stamps up 50%... He breaks promises at every turn, he is a liar and a crook.

    He did very poorly considering the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency his first 2 years. You can blame the Republicans all you want, but with a Democrat majority across the board, if he really wanted, he should of made good on all promises. What is his real agenda?

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    In a phrase.." NO". But simply in case he does, i'm hanging my name right down to be the primary to share his personal wealth.. Went from a low earnings earner to a millionaire.. Just considering the fact that he might speak just right. Has yet to do one damn thing for this nation. So I think i will be correct there competent to are living in one of the most rooms of his mansion.. He'll be dwelling in the white condominium so he will not need it.. Anybody else wish to come.. There's plenty of room..Charity begins at home .. Obama's dwelling.

    So far, the only campaign promise Barack Obama has kept was his promise to work to fundamentally change America. He is succeeding in changing America from the great nation is was to a nation that is just average. This nation can be great again, but without a change, there is little hope for greatness. We need a President who actually cares for and about the greatness of The United States. Barack Obama is not that President.

    He's really turned tail on a few big ones, he's succeeded in a few areas and yes, he's had to slug it out with an obstructionist House. There are two keys here, one against and one for: 1) the economy is nowhere near where he led people to believe it would be after four years, which is not entirely his fault, but hey, the buck stops with him so he has to wear that and 2) his record and the fact that America is still a pluralist, market economy puts paid to the ludicrous claims that he's an America-hating Kenyan Muslim hell bent on destroying America. If anything damages America, it's nonsense like that. Both sides of the aisle have behaved like children in the past four years and THAT has to change regardless of who wins in November.

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    President Obama has done an exceptional job, and he'll be reelected later this year. Since you're a conservative, you view compromise as weakness. We see you as stupid.

    Well that's the nature of campaigning - oversell it. but one promise he made during the campaign he flat out broke: He promised to oppose the health care mandate. Instead he caved on it and signed it into law. shame on him. and I would rather have seen him pass ENDA than repeal DADT.

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    Hailey Sporer
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    Mafalda Bailey
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