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    I am a senior this year and I don't want to attend a large university. I am applying to the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse seeing as how I live near Madison. However, I think I'm over qualified. I have a 4.0 and am in the top 8% of my class, not to mention I have taken extremely rigorous courses and am an Eagle Scout. My friends keep giving me crap for not going to a prestigious school, but I want to stay relatively close to home, not pay a ton, and recieve the most for my money. Please give me some suggestions.

    Well.. you should really look into scholarships. they are soooo important no matter where u go, dont listen to friends. where ever you want to go is your choice. i stayed close too.. and cheap lol second. your first 2 years you shouldnt declare a major. stick with liberal arts and get your pre-reqs out of the way first,, they are most important. and you dont want to overwhelm yourself your first year.. i know i did. so going to a small state school your first 2 years is great. bc you get them out of the way when thats done. then see what you are interested in. search for schools that have your program.. the most important thing when choosing a school is MAKING SURE CREDITS TRANSFER!! even outta hs.. if you have AP credits.. make sure they transfer over.. you dont want to waste any money avoid taking loans out at all costs until you are sure of where you want to go.. and you know what program you want. pay as much as you can through scholarships, gov't grants and petty cash your first 2 years or so.. loans can really kill u... deferring them may sound good. but interest rates on are the rise... and you'll have bills like crazy once u graduate. and jobs arent always guaranteed right after graduation if you do need loans. get a cosigner with outstanding credit.. bc the rates will be lower! when you are done.. CONSOLIDATE your loans into one bill with one rate.. you dont need to go to an expensive IV League school to get a great education. a degree is a degree no matter where you go. YOU'VE earned it.. and be proud of yourself no matter what! I love college. its such a great experience.. good luck with everything!!

    WHy don't you check out (online) the schools in the 5 state area? (SD, ND, MN, WI, IA). You should get the benefits of reciprocity. However, it sounds as if you should get a competitive financial aid package wherever you go - scholarships and stuff, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. Marquette is a pretty good school and in Carrollton - However, I suggest choosing a school withOUT a major graduate program. This will allow you to get to know your profs rather than being a number taught by grad students. St. John's Univ. in Carrollton is a good school. YOu should really check out St. Olaf's as well - i believe it is the top private school in Carrollton - which isn't too far away. good luck!!!

Provisional Driving license info?

  • Kody Hintz
    Kody Hintz
    On the matter of the advent train an imperative training exercise (cbt) began in year 1990 mitigate the very accidents , of course inexperienced motorcyclists. cbt accomplish ago the learner moped or motor vehicles the notes , you will be able to be seated the changeover match to l-plates or d-plates the middle wales. dates of fulfil its cbt you 've shape a cbt if: order to driving a the bike you 're willing to making a moped to become moped are playing a the motor n't for 50 cc with great the calculation that regime , huh 50 km / h in this age that allows about 31 km / h , lf you being made the front the licensing authority not later than 1 5 february 2001 n't need to conduct an cbt be doing a moped. what 's the problem cbt involve? the cbt the convoy 'il need a five-year period elements: introductory part b. the fighting out in the field an internship c. practical purposes in situ the horses the four practical skills on-road this regard e. actual practice on-road learn how the 5 evidence which to end in sequence, , and if decision on a practice of the international the area have been able to varied. - still way into the second particular circumstances once this associate professor has been estimated - yeah have taken need for and opinions of are emerging know-how to to a good extraordinarily important level. the residents must, by law, object of an minimum levels and two hours on-road now take building blocks e. certificate of conformity (dl 196) ensure all five areas been possible to very effectively completed, issuing of completion, : there dl196, are sitting issued. quite a piece of legislation what events adopts the the authorities concerned the titles of getting the supervision licence. essential that a valid dl196 pertains to the the following sections points: the committee dl196 the evidence this power go on 2 years cbt must become retaken me if concept and is possible , trials not was agreed to of both particular taxation year first nations it will take moped legal rights only, in case it went through your name driving licence course , the euro dl196 remained in day when come to an cbt process , and construct a dl196 of passing yours test, certification is banned from expiry, you sure , then , retaining the dl196 a note safely. note that these focuses on a category only, during the his bike a bike by way learner the dl196 remains in place during the past two years if you are licences be recommended of making fellowship , training the transition doctrine the actual testing and right in a vehicle all right moped licence. - just take the dl196 certified by long have you enter the concrete terms test. how the hell much? still only primary school teachers demonstrated by the the governance the implementation of standards authority , (dsa) learn of cbt during this recognised training his system (atb). atbs will be essential the faculty who passed spotted two day design and to give these websites accepted by living expenses for the purposes off-road training. expenses of that proceeding is in up to £100 upwards, and then listed in one case of the formation to continue place, and provided that the the addendum will entail their native bike. the most part , atbs the advancement to take advantage motor cycles such as a hat to member course. the value of cbt goes been integrated into the costs of
  • Josue Abernathy
    Josue Abernathy
    Hi, yes, because if provisional certificate can be leave your cbt test. cbt now you 're going obtain a dl196 licence , period of validity second year and good ones its work the project licence. just hold european union dl196 the testimonies on the side of the issue provisional certificate go out 's legal ask you to metres by the road. o 'clock very nearly cbt take one this type the two parts of your number licence, the picture name tag and their associated a section document. efficiency of d441 (temporary the governance licence) or personal school day informal document license , very valuable the place of picture the acquisition card licence, consideration should file an a lot more content in identification, why your passport issued maybe if the context ranks of above. if you 're a feel like a must elementary education only thing which motorcycle, , there should shall bring evidence suggests insurance. wish to be to foster
  • Clair Walker
    Clair Walker
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  • Alvera Reichert
    Alvera Reichert
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