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    (((hkdwdbar...))): "...the notion that the Community Reinvestment Act is somehow responsible for poor lending decisions is absurd. Here's why. The Community Reinvestment Act applies to depository banks. But many of the institutions that spurred the massive growth of the subprime market weren't regulated banks. They were outfits such as Argent and American Home Mortgage, which were generally not regulated by the Federal Reserve or other entities that monitored compliance with CRA. These institutions worked hand in glove with Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, entities to which the CRA likewise didn't apply... the CRA didn't force mortgage companies to offer loans for no-money down, or to throw underwriting standards out the window, or to encourage mortgage brokers to aggressively seek out new markets. Nor did the CRA force the credit-rating agencies to slap high-grade ratings on subprime debt. Second, ..."

    The crybaby cons are coming off of the rule they created without telling anyone that Obama was supposed to fix everything by now or be called a failure.

    I took the time to read your http included into your question. What I personally got out of it was that Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac were the largest part of the problem. The simple truth, not spelled there, is Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac certainly did guaranteed bad poisonous loans. Credit was extended in a fashion never before experienced in the entire world's history. That said, the prime rate stayed way to low for way to long and that can be laid right at the Feds door. In the end, it was the last three years of the Bush administration and the ruling democratic congress that drove our economy's car over the cliff. To the best of my knowledge Barney Frank is being investigated for his role in the diabolical banking collapse People 'Will' have to judge Bush's presidency in the future. 1. Bush the 1st had engaged in a necessary but short war with Iraq that brought out Vite Nam style howling protesters by the 100s of 1000s he lost favor with the voters and lost his 2nd bid for the presidency. 2. Our fair boy Clinton, the flower people's choice, made the popular decision to tie the hands of the CIA (after all what do we have satellites for) and balanced his budget by making deep deep cuts in both the CIA and our military. He additionally remained popular with the howlers by ignoring the acts of aggression directed at American interest's aboard and the dire rapidly growing threat of Islamic militants. 3, Bush 2 was the not a warlord choice, he was the Christan anti late term abortion, anti legislation from the supreme court choice. September 11th changed that! Peeled the tops right off the Afghan Mt.s with, what was left after Clinton, of our air power.The list could go on forever with what Bush did and the brilliant steps the Bushnics took to insure our safety.

    What'd Bush do? It was the bankers being forced to give out bad loans by congress that caused the crisis. Bush spent $15 billion on a stimulus plan, oh my! Obama's the one who's printed/spent $3 trillion and is fundamentally changing America. I don't praise Bush for spending $15 billion, keep that in mind. Ever heard of the recession of the 1920's? No? That's because it lasted a year because nobody did anything about it. And we got out of the 80's one with tax cuts. America is still alive, and can still reverse the damage of the last 6 months ( bigger debt, higher spending, evil laws) So Obama hasn't failed yet, but he does suck. Obama promised us change, he promised us we would survive and that he would undo the evils of Bush. Therefore he has no right to blame Bush and neither do the people he represents.

    Lets reverse this shall we? Surely you all remember the mocking ridicule and total disrespect given to Bush from day one by democrats. The only thing they did differently was - they did it a hell of alot more with large numbers of hollywood nitwits and and kiss my liberal *** press relentlesslly even today they hammer him. All though the left has hollywood(lol we don't need nit wits) and the press(ditto) and the unconscousible ability to lie about ones President without a shred of shame - The right does not need or would we want to drop to such a moral low as to demonize our President. The right speaks against our leaders only when we believe that they may be trying to subvert the very heart of our government the Constitution, that which defines us. . Our country it's people and their CONSTITUTION MUST come first above everthing and everyone else even the President of the U.S., Should he choose a path which threatens to change or betray who we are as a people we must speak out. Mr. Contard with all due respect if your source of reference is Newsweek(snicker) I must respond to you by saying that it was President Clinton that INSISTED that banks lower their standards to accomadate those persons who were unable to get standard home loans( and denied for good reasons as we see now) In reponse to "crybaby cons" why dosen't the president stop promising AND giving us deadlines to boot on these promises that he can't deliver.? let me see what if it was Bush what would you be saying? Carrollton yes- DUHHHHHHHH!

    They are hoping for a nice whitewash for Bush, just like what happened with Reagan. Of course, with a Dem in office, the Dems have exactly 6 months to turn the country completely around or they FAIL. Am I understanding it correctly?

    Exactly. They are ready to go back to Bush, without even giving Obama a fair hearing. Funny how democrats who didn't like Reagan all that well didn't want to go flocking back to Carter the way republitards want to flock back to Bush.

    They KNOW Bush was a failure..... He was voted worst president in 2006. Rush says Obama is a failure, so they all say Obama is a failure.....

    If a child is playing with matches next to a can of gasoline, I don't have to wait to see how history judges him to know that's destructive behavior. Obama is that child in this scenario. Some things you don't have to try on for size to know they won't be good for you. God bless.

    Yes. How many years of history do we need? Yet Obama has been in office for half a year and he is a failure already. LOL.

    Because thats what people do in two party systems - yes its stupid, but they seem to like it

My email account got hacker! Help!?

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    Vada Bradtke
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  • Willa Hoppe
    Willa Hoppe
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    Sally Langosh
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