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    I posted a question about a car i owed payments on and said my husband was told he had a warrant for his arrest for not paying on the car. well he called the collection agency and its not because of the car, they said that the warrant was for non payment of an old payday loan he took out 2 yrs ago and didn't finish paying. it has nothing to do with the car. however my question is they said because the account is no longer open, it is bank fraud. and they have a warrant for his arrest and its a felony. this all from a collection agency out of new york city, and i am in arizona. so i called the sheriffs department and they laughed saying they think its fishy and i should ask for a faxed copy of the warrant. is it bank fraud not to pay on a payday loan? also they demanded we give them a blank check from out new account and send them 100 dollars today and next week then he will lift the warrant somehow, he had a name for lifting the warrant i don't remember.

    It's not bank fraud. Bank fraud occurs when a borrower knowingly misrepresents their situation (such as income) for purposes of geting money from a bank; or, when a borrower misrepresents what will be done with the proceeds of a loan. For example, you tell the bank that you're borrowing money to buy a computer server farm and that the servers will be collateral; then you blow it on a trip to Vegas. That's bank fraud. In your husband's case, if he didn't repay a payday loan, then he is in default. You don't get a warrant for being in default. Instead you get a notice of default. If a payday lender closes an account it doesn't somehow magically make a felony out of an unpaid loan. That's complete crap. The collection agency is lying to you in order to pressure you to send them money. If they call again, let them know you've told the sheriff about their unlawful collection tactics.

    It's fraud on the part of the collection agency. And don't send them any money by check. If your husband wants to pay the old loan off, have him send a money order.

    ROTFLMFAO Cartersville city. This is a collection agency who is trying to collect for a bank They can as for an impound on car and that is all. The consumer protection, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Consumer protection act, allow for certain ways to collect a debt. Anything illegal, not notifying you etc is a violation of your rights and you can counter sue these individuals anorganizationsns for acts of fraud, fear, intimidation etc. Check with a local attorney about this situation and see what s/he will do to them when they know you hired an attorney?

    A warrant for WHAT??? The officers were right and here's why... Owing money is not a criminal issue but a civil issue. Your husband would have to be served a summons to appear in civil court. You don't get arrested on money issues unless they're involving a criminal act such as robbery, theft, bad check etc!

    Seems fishy to me too! Here's a good place to start.

    They are trying to trick you into paying back your debts and facing your responsibilities like an adult. I'm not sure which party is more reprehensible.

I was pulled over with a dealer plate?

  • Crawford Rice
    Crawford Rice
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  • Max Ortiz
    Max Ortiz
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    Efren Hudson
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    Thaddeus Larson
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    Winona McClure
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    Laron Marks
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