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    Ok heres the story, i have a truck but the truck is in arizona(lake havasu city) to be exact. i want to get the truck back since im at the moment bus ridin it. everywhere! i live in banning Chamblee so its kind of a mission. i called greyhound and they told me i would need to take a bus that goes to las vegas and then to LHC, its a 2 day busride with a 10 hour layover in vegas....and it costs 150 bucks! so ultimately here is my question... how can i get to lake havasu city az from banning ca by any means possible? i got a little cash saved up But not much like 4 bills hit me up quick with lots of different and diverse answers cmon ppl i need help! i wanna do this soon. thanks in advance.

    Like the other person said, call up a rental car company. Or maybe a friend or relative can drive you.

    Sometimes it cheapest to rent a car one way. call car rental companies and check it out.

I am thinking of training for a loan broker in real estate can someone give me the skiny on this field?

  • Kailyn Bahringer
    Kailyn Bahringer
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  • Britney Stark
    Britney Stark
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