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    Susan finally meets up with Michael, Linc and Whistler. LJ crosses to Linc as Whistler crosses to Sofia; both pairs embrace. Susan tries to get Whistler and Sofia to move along, but Sofia asks her why she isn't asking him for the rest of the coordinates, and insists on seeing them. Whistler tries to stop her asking questions, but Susan, tired of Whistler trying to keep Sofia innocent, tells her there are no coordinates. There's a tense moment – and then Sofia walks to Linc. Susan tells Michael he'd best get a move on, but Michael knows there must be agents posted at every exit – and deliberately trips the museum alarm, locking the room down. He'll leave – with her in tow. Everyone in the museum is herded towards the front door, and searched by police as they leave. Sofia gets separated from Linc as Whistler grabs her wrist, swearing he can explain. At the door, the police find the arrowhead in Whistler's pocket, though they're embarrassed when Susan points out it's plastic. However, the cop recognizes Whistler as an escaped criminal. Susan, with no other option, signals an agent to come help. Shots ring out; in the pandemonium, Susan gets away with Whistler – and Sofia is shot. Linc tries to tend to Sofia, but LJ convinces him to run before the cops start asking questions. Whistler also tries to get away from Susan to go help Sofia; she tells him he'll be arrested if he goes back there. He's thrown into the van as Michael grabs Linc's gun from the car and advances on them, but his clear shot at her is ruined when some cops fire at Susan. They miss, and Susan ducks into the car and peels away. In the car, Susan is enraged to find that Whistler's book is gone. T-Bag betrays Lechero and smothers him with a pillow. This was his plan – the money was actually a bounty from Sister Mary Francis to kill Lechero. She can only shove so much through the gates at visitation; she'll hold onto the rest for T-Bag until he gets out. Alfonso and McGrady come to a shady-looking neighborhood in Acandi, Colombia. Behind a dingy doorway is a beautiful courtyard, where McGrady's family is waiting. The tears flow as he finally makes it home. Sucre is yanked from the grave before being buried alive; he hasn't given up anything. The General is about to give up when Sucre's cell phone rings. It's Michael. Rafael forces Sucre to try to find out where Michael is, but Sucre gets off the line quickly, while also letting Michael think he's escaped, and then smashes his cell phone. Rafael says that soon, Sucre's going to wish he were dead, and throws him into Sona, now a prisoner. T-Bag goes to the courtyard and announces that Lechero is dead, makes a speech that all cons should be equal, with no one person lording over them, making money off their backs. And throws the money into the air, saying he's giving them back what Lechero took. As Sofia is taken into the hospital, she whispers something to LJ. LJ gives Michael Sara's origami rose – he found it in the house where he and Sara had been held. LJ tells Linc that Sofia said there's something under her bed at her apartment regarding Whistler. Linc says he's not interested; he wants this to be over. But it's too late – Michael has overheard. Whistler meets Mahone at the bar. Mahone hasn't been eyeing the bank after all, but the clock; this meeting was planned. Whistler pays Mahone's tab. Mahone asks for his money, but Whistler points at Susan waiting outside and says she handles the cash. Mahone's been hired by the Company for $300,000. At Sofia's apartment, Michael and Linc find the mysterious case under the bed; Michael opens it with a crowbar. It contains a dossier on a man named Jonathan Lief, from Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael's going to investigate, and can't be talked out of it. This is about getting back at those responsible for killing Sara. The brothers hug and bid each other farewell. He drives off over the horizon, the origami rose lying on the passenger seat, next to his gun.


    Prison Break Sofia

    Michael got out of the prison and got lincoln's son back and Sofia went with Michael and Lincoln instead of James Whistler. They exchanged James Whistler with the bad girl in a museum and because the bad girll had arrange for Michael and Lincoln to be shot... Michael set off the alarm in the museum so everyone had to leave together, Sofia got shot, but survived. Sofia was mad at Whistler because he never brought the coordinates that would save Sofia's life also she couldnt forgive him for lying to her. Fernando is now in the prison as he was working for the prison to help get Michael out and his police check showed that there is a warrant on him to be arrested and put in jail. Mahone has gone to work for the bad girl with Whistler but you dont know anything more about that apart from Whistler showing off money to Mahone. Hope this helps =D btw there is no episode 14 new series starts in October :(

    The first answers sums it up, only there was never any coordiance, whistler lied and sofia found out about and that is why she stayed with Lincoln. They also looked at the information in the suitcase that whistler had and it had information about some guy in AZ, so when the show ended Lincoln had to run so he wouldn't get caught, LJ stayed with Sofia when she got shot, and Michael got a car and is heading to Chamblee to hunt down Gretchen like he promised her he would. If you missed the episode, you can watch the entire thing on www.fox.com right on the left side where you click on shows it says watch full episodes, click there and you can watch the entire thing..it was worth it. oh and Sucre got caught because T-Bag sold him out when he was being tortured...

    Sofia is Bulgaria's capital and its biggest city. Sofia was established thousands of years ago and nowadays is really a city that remains to produce whilst the country's ethnic and financial middle and so you may have the opportunity to visit it hotelbye . Sofia keeps many important monuments to their extended and storied past. Readers exploring the city's streets could see remnants of The Eastern Gate from the occasions when Sofia was Serdika and Sredets, relationship from the 2nd-4th centuries CE. These remains are exhibited in the underpass joining the Presidential Palace and The Ministerial Council, surrounded by shops offering old-fashioned Bulgarian souvenirs and rosewater. The Saint Sofia Basilica is among the items of Sofia. Is among the oldest churches in the capital and was the city's important church throughout the Middle Ages, and beneath the Ottomans it was used as a mosque.

    Prison Break S3

    This Site Might Help You. RE: How did prison break season 3 end?? how did it end???and im also got confused....why was sofia mad at whistler (i think thats his name)?? And mahone?? what exactly did he do in the end?? If you can explain it in great details it would be awesome!

    The first answers seems right except he opens the case with Lincoln's gun not a crowbar


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    Vernon Rolfson
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