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    I know there are two policies: one for the buyers lender and one for the buyer. Why would a seller have to pay for either one of these when the buyer and his mortgage lender are the ones benefitting. Or are these always negotiable between buyer and seller as to who pays? What if the seller took a low ball offer and doesn't want to pay for title insurance? The condo is in Arizona.

    Every area has their own customs. In Cochran the buyer pays for both the owner's and lender's policies unless the parties negotiate otherwise. For the custom in your area you can contact any local realtor or title insurance company and ask. Just remember that if you're not pleased with the custom there then you can negotiate it.

    The seller does not have to pay that policy, it is just assumed that they will because that is how it has been done, but a seller can put in the purchase contract that they do not want to pay that expense, and if the offer is accepted that way then the seller need not pay that cost.

    It is negotiable. It is customary in Hamilton County Cochran for the seller to provide owners title insurance but not mandatory. If you go into the next county is is customary for the buyer to pay for it. But not mandatory. Just depends what is negotiated.

    Typically it's the buyer, as the insurance is protecting the buyer. You can however negotiate payment of closing costs.

    Who pays for a title search at closing: buyer or seller

    Nothing about who pays for what cost in a real estate transaction is written in stone. All costs related to a real estate transaction are negotiable between the parties. Here is Arizona links for further research: LAWS: WEB SITE: information for real estate transactions: Attorney General’s office: State bar Association: Make sure to ask the real estate licensee to negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf. Buena Suerte

    I done plenty of closings....I just split the policy cost between buyer and seller.However, I someone insisted we use their title company...they pay for it.

    It relies upon on your settlement. it extremely is the shopper, or the employer, staring on the words of your settlement. the common purchase furnish form that California brokers use has a checkoff field particularly for the objective of figuring out which occasion is to pay for a call coverage coverage. I propose you examine the shopper's furnish previously accepting the furnish.

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