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    Absolutely they can get financed, just need to find a mortgage broker with the right lenders in place. It appears (from your name) that your from Arizona too. My broker is licensed in 29 states, thus we have the means to get any deal done. If you need help email me and let me help your client and help you as a Realtor earn a paycheck. Tadgeman@yahoo.com

    Hello - Yes you can easily get a loan. If your local market is Arizona, I'd look into Banco Popular. They were the first lender to introduce the W-7 loan programs. Most major lenders have a W-7 program. A W-7 is the form to apply for an ITIN. If the Foreign National has income in US or has an ITIN, then a W-9 is required. If the Foreign National has income in US and does not have an ITIN, then a W-8 is required. We are an approved lender for Banco Popular and licensed in Arizona. Please let me know if I can be of any further help. Kindest Regards, Darren Meade

    There are many lenders who do loans for foreign nationals. People without social security numbers. The guidelines are a little more stringent but none the less they get done. Typically they will be required to put a substantial downpayment. Here are some of the guidelines that we offer at Countrywide Home Loans..... Maximum loan amount $1,000,000 Owner-occupied Purchase, rate and term: Maximum LTV/CLTV 75% Cash-out: Maximum LTV/CLTV 70% Second home: Purchase, rate and term: Maximum LTV/CLTV 75% Cash-out: Maximum LTV/CLTV 65% Investment: Not Allowed OTC: Not Allowed So Yes it can be done. It just takes some homework and a good qualified buyer. Oh yeah Myself working at Countrywide can do loans just about anywhere in the USA. Email me @ bminlosangeles@yahoo.com

    Is your client undocumented, illegal immigrant? On second thought that should not matter if he is a good risk to a lending institution. That is an immigration issue. Dont we have people from all over Asia buying property here in California? Maybe they are the people to ask. I am sure most of those foreign investors dont have SSNs... Unless they pay cash...and that's very likely...in which case they would have no need for a SSN. Mexican community is another good place to look...they buy property and I am sure some of them have no SSN. Sorry I cant be of any better help....

    It IS possible. What is your relationship with the client? Are you a Mortgage Broker or a Realtor, or ...? I know a couple lenders that I use for foreign nationals with Tax Cochran #'s.

    Don't know where you are located, but here in Cochran there are lots of Mexican nationals here who buy houses. I never personally dealt with any of them, but I know they do it somehow. Good Luck

    Not without the social security number.

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