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    My husband and I are looking to buy our first home together. We are trying to get in on the $8000 tax credit before Dec.1, and we heard there are a lot of great programs out there for first-time home buyers too. We are looking for something in Arizona. Can anyone offer any suggestions of good programs they know of or have used? We're open to buying a foreclosed home or a new home - whichever. Any good references would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Find yourself a good lender...They can help you will assistance programs out there. I can suggest a couple in College Park if you need them... You need to start there. Find a realtor you trust, and have a good relationship with. This process can be very stressful and the loan process can be "violating", so if you have a realtor, that is not "high pressure" it will make your process much easier for you. Have you started looking at homes? Do you know what part of the valley you are interested in.. SE Valley (Chandler/Gilbert), College Park (Scottsdale, Cave Creek) NW Valley (Peoria,, Surprise) or SW (Goodyear, Avondale)... Let me know if you need any help. I will be happy to assist in anyway I can.

    Stop in to a community bank in AZ. Talk to one of their loan officers about FHA loans. FHA only requires 3.5% down payment. That would be the way to go unless you have 20% down payment then go Fannie/Freddie. No real need to buy a foreclosed home in this market. They usually need alot of work to get them "livable" again. If you want HUD has the "$100 down payment program with FHA" Ask your realtor to show you or search for HUD owned properties...keep in mind, they wont be pretty. Best of luck in your search, you have to get started now, the tax credit is only good until 11/30/09. FYI, it is not $8000 auto. It is $8000 max, the tax credit is for 10% of purchase price. So if you buy a $60,000 home you would only get $6000 not $8000. $80,000 purchase price = $8000. $200,000 = $8,000 Again, I would suggest going through a "Community Bank in the area you are going to/want to live"

    The defense force isn't in business company to purchase properties of each soldier they relocate. it extremely is to not say it not at all happens, besides the undeniable fact that it extremely is uncommon. yet because of the fact they reassign human beings so in many situations they do have a gadget applied to ease the transition interior the direction of using the centers of very own relocation companies which will paintings to sell your place when you bypass away. I recommend you touch the backside relocation workplace for info.

How long does it take to make "Very good"/"Excellent" credit score?

  • Petra Hackett
    Petra Hackett
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  • Daren Schmidt
    Daren Schmidt
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  • Chris Okuneva
    Chris Okuneva
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  • Milan Wintheiser
    Milan Wintheiser
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  • Cristian Schuppe
    Cristian Schuppe
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    Enola Mitchell
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