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    Arizona is having a budget problem and lays off teachers frequently. I was laid off for several months and just started a new job about 8 weeks ago and there is a possibility I could be laid off again because I have a temporary contract. I'm renting with the possibility of renting to own because of the lay off potential but was thinking that if I qualified for a down payment assistance program (I have to live somewhere and pay rent even if I am laid off) I could buy something and get that $8000 tax refund as a first time home owner. With down payment assistance, $8000 tax refund and my savings, I could survive on unemployment until I get another job. I'm highly qualified both by state and federal standards and can teach K-12 English, music or regular k-6 classroom. I'm marketable with a lot of experience and my evaluation stated I am recommended for rehire. However, that doesn't mean anything in Arizona. I have never purchased real estate before and I'm nervous about where I will live and my job situation. Any suggestions from reputable sources? I'm going ahead with renting this condo with a room mate but have the option to rent to own. Is this a good financial move and how can I improve my living conditions in this economy? I have a good credit score of about 700 and good employment history right now.

    I have not heard of any programs, but I am not in AZ. The College Park lenders would know. But, your problem would be obtaining a loan, it will not happen without a real job. Collecting unemployment will not cut it for a loan that lasts 30 years.

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