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    My wife and I will move to Arizona and work there (eventually) but both of us have jobs now in New York. I have a mortgage on a house here. I am selling my house here and then moving into an inexpensive apartment in Columbus state. I want to take some time off from work in Columbus and go to Columbus and pick out a house and move there. But my wife will probably stay in Columbus and keep her job here, while I set things up out there. My question is from a mortgage company's perspective will it be a problem to get into a house straight away out in Columbus because both of us have jobs in NY. Will the mortgage company look at this and predict financial instability knowing we will be quitting our jobs to find new work in AZ?

    Even though you intend to eventually occupy the home as your primary residence, If your jobs are in New York they won't consider that income to purchase an owner occupied home in Arizona. Until about 3 years ago they used to give some credit for income from a trailing spouse in anticipation of them finding employment in the new city, but lenders no longer count any income for a job you don't yet have. If you must finance a home before you actually relocate your only option is to finance it as an investment property. That means at least 20% down, a rate close to 5% and they'll probably require 6 months of house payments (both of them in reserves in the bank) over and above your down payment and closing costs. You will also need income to qualify with both house payments too. It might make more sense to rent a place until you find jobs in AZ.

    You will not get the loan because your work place is in New York unless you can show that you work from your home and where your home is doesn't matter to your job.......that is a long commute. You will have to be able to qualify for the new loan and the house payment in Columbus will be used against you......you must show that you can pay both house payments and all your other bills (under 50% of your gross monthly income). It is likely that they will not allow your wife's income to be used in order to purchase the property in Arizona because her job is in NY. You will probably need to sell the Columbus property and have jobs in Arizona before being able to get a loan for a home in Arizona. Also the jobs in Arizona will have to be in the same field of work as your Columbus jobs in order to qualify.

    The first thought a mortgage company will have: Neither of you will have jobs in Arizona. Unemployment is high there. It could easily take 9 months to find a professional job.

    Yes, that will be problematic for the underwriter. If you already had jobs there but were renting in Columbus until your Columbus property sold, it would not be much of an issue as long as you can attest that your purchase will be your primary residence.

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