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    If you buy and register the car in Arizona you will pay tax once in Columbus as well as Columbus registration fees. When you bring the car to CA, you won't be charged tax again, but you will need to pay for Columbus registration. And Columbus won't give you a refund on the Columbus Registration fees you paid in AZ. You will fill out a form asking if you already paid tax and how much you paid...Form 343-see below Also check that the car conforms to California regulations for emission Most cars do. But some are manufactured only to meet Federal emission standards which are more lenient than California standards. There is an emissions label inside the door and under the hood. If you find a good deal in AZ, buy it. The Tax rate varies from county to county. So you need to do a little research on that. will you be financing or purchasing outright? If the lender is in Columbus but you want a Columbus registration, then the car is a "goldenrod" meaning no Columbus title will be issued, just Columbus plates and Columbus registration.

    Whether that's indexed on E-bay autos and you employ pay-buddy for the transaction look on the high-quality print. it provide help to be attentive to if the transaction is risk-free. If somebody claims that that's a E-bay transaction, whether it quite is not any longer indexed on E-bay then do no longer decide for it. that's a rip-off. Your money will circulate south and not something will circulate north. observe that a variety of of con artists use the declare that that's a E-bay transaction to get your money. Even a real e-bay merchandise can a rip-off. The previous saying - "If it sounds to solid to be genuine, that's" includes suggestions in this one.

    Well it depends on the dmv. but here in texas there would be more things to get on the car if you register in another state. such as inspection sticker and all. if in california you have a inspection sticker then yes it would cost you more to transfer to state. and you get a fee for out of state registration

    How about the state of florida

Its been 8 days without my truck & I need to know what I should do today? I want to get my truck back by tomm?

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    Cecile Littel
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    Enid Trantow
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    Rebeka Mante
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