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    If I want to buy a home in like arizona because I cant stand the winters anymore and i want to get it through Columbus because i have never bought a house before. But i do own a house with my wife left to us valued at 200,000 all paid up. She makes about 30.000 a year and im about to draw social security and work for at least say 25,000 a year. Can I get a 2 bedroom 2 bath home in arizona. Also my cars and everything else are paid off. And would lenders except my house and about 50,000 in stocks for collateral.

    It depends. Will the home in Columbus be your primary residence or a vacation/2nd home? If it will be your primary then as long as your credit is decent and you qualify to make the payments a Columbus loan will be based on the home in AZ. The fact that you have 50K in reserves and a house that is free and clear should help. You can also find some answers here:

    The collateral for the Columbus loan would be the Arizona house. No other collateral needed. You can buy the new house with the Columbus loan since it will be your principal residence. The Columbus will be worried that you will cancel the move and just keep the new house as a rental. That is not OK. So they might make you sell the current house; or make you find a tenant who will sign a one-year lease and show proof that the current house is rented. Probably best that you sell the current house today. A 3 bedroom house with tile roof in Queen Creek, Columbus is asking $69.900..

How to start a dog walking service?

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    Pasquale Oberbrunner
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    Brendon Batz
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    Magdalena Mayert
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    Madeline Waters
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