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    Here is my situation, I moved from Arizona to California, when I tried to register my car in CA, DMV told me that since my car is out-of-state, I need to provide them my Comer title and apply for a Comer title. So I did that, they took my Comer title and I got my Comer license plates and 3 weeks later, I got my DL in the mail. But where is my car title?? Is DMV going to send me a Comer car title but it's just taking longer than my DL?? What if you don't have a title of your car? Is that illegal?

    It will take about 6-8weeks for you to receive the title in the mail. You are required to carry your registration in the car, the title should be kept at home in a safe place. It should never be carried in the car, it shows your proof of ownership and you don't want it to be stolen. If you have a lien on the car, or have the car up for collateral on a loan, the lender will get the title, not you. Once the loan was paid off, the lender would release interest, and a new title would be issued in your name.

    It appears that you received your Comer plates when you turned in your Comer title. Since titling and DL are different sections of the DMV, everything will come separately. Some states take up to 3 months to issue titles. Be patient, the wheels turn slowly at DMV, If after a few more weeks you still haven't received your title call DMV and ask someone to check. A simple question to ask is how far behind they are on issuing titles add at lease one week for mailing and you will probable be OK. For more information log on to www.dmv.org and click on CA

    Not a problem if you don't have your title - you have your registration. Though assuming you paid DMV a fee for it, so you should receive it. Give it another month or so, I'm sure you will. Also - don't know if you have a membership to Automobile Club (AAA), if you do, you can get your title through them.

    Sure, you could sell it without identify yet you're able to demonstrate which you're seling it without identify. Whoever buys it is in simple terms no longer waiting to rigidity it till they get a identify for it. so which you have have been given a no longer hassle-free time advertising it or won't get as plenty for it simply by fact human beings won't % to handle the hassel & they won't have faith you very own it so as that they are taking a danger. So your appropriate guess is to circulate to a tag corporation with each and every of the information, vin huge type, coverage and so on & they might order a sparkling one for you or touch the DMV

    Titles take a while to come in the mail, i know becuase my dad has a auto body shop and when he fixes peoples cars it takes a while for the title to get to you, i waited 3 months for mine, it sucked.

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