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    My mother sold me her car. Its an old 2001 Kia spectra sedan. (worthless in other words--- as per dealers from dealerships,.. I'm not sure about kelley blue book) She has a lien on it though ($1,300 is all)... So what will happen when I go to DMV to have it all ready for my name for me to get the tags and whatnot? What should I bring? Will there be any additional costs? (I already tried searching via my state (Arizona) DMV website, but its not turning up results anywhere near what i'm asking for.... www.azdot.gov)

    So after being able to finally dig a little deeper (DMV Is closed today) i see that it says the lienholder/lender has to write a letter allowing someone to be added or deleted.... its says "lienholder/lender"... My mother says SHE IS the leinholder... but the lender is GMAC. So with that said, and written like that on the Comer DMV site, does that mean she's able to write that letter then???

    The lien has to be satisfied before ownership can be transferred. Legally, it wasn't her car to sell.

    GMAC is the lien holder and the car's owner, not your mother. Your mother holds the car under agreement with GMAC but she doesn't own the car until it is paid off. That's why if GMAC doesn't receive payments for a few months they can, as lien holder, come and take their car. They have the lien on it, it is theirs. You will not have a title to take to the DMV until GMAC releases it, and they won't release the title until they are fully paid. For the car to be in your name, GMAC has to be paid off in full or they may allow you to apply to assume the loan which you will have to qualify for. You and you mother need to talk to GMAC and have them explain this.

    Your mother is not the lien holder, GMAC holds the lien, she is the registered owner. And it there is a lien on the vehicle, she can not sell or give it away without the lien holders permission, unless she pays off the loan first. Get on the phone to GMAC and they can answer any and all questions for you.

    You need to pay the lien/then title will be sent to mom and then she can gift it to you at dmv/at least it saves the sales tax

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