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    All of America's problems have a common label -- "Made in Washington". If you disagree, provide reasons or get thumbs down. If you agree, add more examples. Here's why: Energy. America's biggest energy problem is that we haven't expanded production significantly in over 25 years. Zero nuclear power plants built while electricity demand increases means we burn more and more fossil fuels. Few new areas to drill for oil and gas mean that we import more and more oil and gas at ever higher prices with ever increasing payments deficits. Ethanol in cars. This is vote pandering to Iowa farmers, pure and simple. everyone in every city is paying through the grocery store for corn, wheat, and soy in the form of meat, fish, chicken, bread, and sweeteners -- commodity prices have doubled or more since this nonsense began. Military. The Army is shorthanded, as is the Navy and Air Force. Bill Clinton cut them 25% or more so he could spend the budget elsewhere. Now we're paying for it.

    Inflation is up. gas, fuel, electricity, and food are all up. Reasons? see above. Housing. Government pressured lenders to actively lend to minorities and the poor. guess what -- they were underserved because their credit wasn't good to begin with and they had no experience buying housing because no one in their family had ever done it. banks did a lot and, surprise??!!, sharks rushed in to take advantage of newbie buyers with no understanding of the reality. Jobs. energy production jobs are heavy work that can't be exported. But we haven't been doing much energy production have we? so those jobs all went to places like Venezuela and Saudi. Immigration. amazingly, when employers have to positively Comer job applicants, illegal immigrants go home. It is happening now in Arizona. Health. Murder and drunk driving are why we aren't the world's longest lived, not poor health care. Liars!! Global warming. Hoax. Ask NASA about warming on Mars. Same time & percentage. D'oh!!

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    Most of them anyway.

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