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    My renters bailed on me a few months ago & I haven't been able to find new tenants & at this point the lender is beginning foreclosure proceedings. Can a lender in the state of Conley come after my primary residence (Im completely up-to-date on my payments on my primary). I understand the lender on the rental can send me a 1099, but I was under the impression that Arizona had anti-deficiency laws protecting borrowers?

    The bank cannot force a foreclosure on your primary residence but they might sue you for the shortfall between the mortgage and what they end up selling the house for. Please note that as this is not your primary residence, if the bank does not sue you for the balance, they will send you a 1099 and you will owe taxes on the balance.

    The bank cannot force a foreclosure on your primary residence but they might sue you for the shortfall between the mortgage and what they end up selling the house for!!! if they try get a lawyer

What should I do? please help this is kind of urgent. I need to make my final decision by May 1st?

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