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    Are the following closing cost reasonable. Any junk fees ? .508 % origination fee $ 702.89. Apraisal fee. $450 Credit report $ 16 Flood life of loan fee $ 19 Processing fee $ 400 Tax service fee $ 78 FHA upfront MIP $ 2077 Title insurance $ 833 Endorsement to title-other 100 Closing/escrow/settlement$ 338.50 Reconveyance fee $ 90 Recording fee - deed $ 55 Courier/msngr- 3rd party $ 100.

    Let's see now, alot of these fees are paid to the title company, and not the lender. And the appraisal fee goes to the appraiser, so that's not to the lender either. The FHA upfront MIP goes to FHA, but will be financed into the loan. So here's what the bank is getting. $702 + 16 + 19 + 400 = $1,137 and the 400 is probably paid out to another company too, so maybe only $737 goes to the lender. I think the lender is giving you a really good deal. Ask them if they're licensed in Texas. I'll send them some business. ... And loan officers in San Antonio will tell you that I'm NOT going to allow a lender to take advantage of my buyers.

    That is a very, very reasonable deal. There is absolutely nothing in there that shouldn't be. The processing fee is really not a "junk fee", as they have to pay someone to do the work. FHA appraisals are almost always $400-550. Quit worrying about it, call your loan officer, and thank him for treating you well. Because he is. My only suggestion would be to ask if going up to 6.00% would allow him to reduce more of your closing costs. FHA loans pay better at even rates, on the half-point. Perhaps he could get rid of your origination and appraisal, depending on the yield spread difference. Those spreads vary by day and by bank, but it's worth asking.

    Given the market - you should easily NOT be paying origination fee and $100 courier + processing fee $400 ...... you should check w/ Lennox Financial (I live in Conley and hear them on talk radio all time....) They claim to pay ALL the above listed charges....I've never used them....but it couldn't hurt to check them out.... At the very least, I'd tell your lender to cut those fees by a grand!!!!

    Its not too bad...mine were 6700 for a $118,000 house. We cut some of the cost by haveing our own apprasier apprase the house, you can ask your lawyer on ways to cut some of the cost also.

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    There is no such thing as reasonable, its all up to the companies involved. They sound pretty legite to me though. Expensive isn't it!

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