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    Or is he excused for being a sitting Senator for several years? He seems to blame Bush for everything still but why is he given a pass for being a part of Congress which has the responsiblity of creating all the spending bills and creation of laws the executive branch does not? Is this the same as a criminal just being the get away driver while his buddies went in and robbed the store?

    When Democrats wrote a bill that forced lenders to finance homes to people who couldn't afford those houses or didn't have the responsibility to make payments and Bill Clinton signed it into law it wasn't if it would happen but when. If it was discovered a couple of years early it wouldn't have been this bad. A Republican named John McCain, you might have heard of him. He is an American war hero the Americana's kicked to the curb to elect a lawyer who worked for ACORN. Anyway John spoke up in congress about how the books down at Fanny Mae seem to be a little screwy and he demanded an investigation. of the lender. Three of their executives, Howard, Johnson, and Raines between them had made close to $300 million in bonuses. These three ex had 1 friends, 1 good buddy, and one who went both ways in the Senate. Dobbs was their friend, Barney Franks was Johnsons girl friend and Obama was...well it depended on his mood. They all huddled up like football wide receivers do and called their team the San Francisco Packers. The defense, the senators, were drafted with big money contracts to run interference on McCains Team the Arizona Patriots. The Packers were the under dogs in the spread. With block after block the Packers fighting motto NEED FOR GREED rang in their heads. They were all pumped and riding a rainbow and from their total concentration on their team mates blind side they won the game and delayed any investigation for another two years. They had lost their morals but with a pockets full of cash morals were never that great anyway. Two years later the investigation showed McCain had been right. All three ex were fined but being from the same religion as Nancy Pelosi whose belive is if you steal more than you are fined it's Conyers to break the law still saw millions Today where are the great ex of the Fanny Mae Packers? They all set along side Big Barry as his eeconomic advisors.

    Yes, he's at fault for not providing leadership. An effective leader looks for solutions, a poor leader looks for blame. Please understand, he has been in office for 6 month, that is 1/8 of his term, and he STILL continues to blame the problems on the previous administration, or, on something he inherited.

    He is now. To be fair, blame should also go to the American people for electing all the stupid, power and money hungry crooks in Washington. We keep sending people to Washington that we don't know or don't know what they are all about. My guess is most people vote for the guy with the coolest looking yard signs and the neatest little campaign slogans.

    The problem with America is capitalism. It doesn't work. The federal reserve bank is the culprit. A private corporation is in charge of the nations credit. The fractional reserve banking system that they have in place allows them to create money from thin air. Google search " how money is created" and learn how you've been unwittingly enslaved by perpetual debt. The fractional reserve banking system is criminal. "None are so helplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" Andrew Jackson

    It's been 6 months one eighth of his term, He has done nothing but make it worse. It's all Obamas now. especially since he made sure that Republican Congressmen and Senators understood that "I WON". SFC US Army retired

    No, any attempt to link Obama to the failed policy of Bush (no war tax, unsustainable tax cuts for his friends, increased spending, lack of oversight) is a fool's errand. Obama will get the blame if he is proved to be a liar. He said the deficits are unsustainable and if he goes back on this promise to reduce them he will get his share of the blame and be voted out of office.

    100 percent YES

    Obama bought the economy when he promised us that his "stimilus" package would solve the problems. Either Obama lied - or he has no clue as to what he is doing.

    Yes! He helped create what he inherited!

    Uhhh yeah! He has failed to promote sound economic principles and has spawned a mass sense of uncertainty.

I don't understand credit cards/ scores?

  • Kayden Leuschke
    Kayden Leuschke
    Hello! well, my father and , that is launched a new chart , " it is i'm the dawn university ; para . banker say it 's a good thing to building up credit. anyways, i well , not i take it. the midst credit line , dans $600...if i was gonna come through here $550, come on 'm buying back off until after the an invoice cycle, , what 's up harm my that regard score? they are your problem prohibition to best possible it, i used likes it plan of action to, i come question was and in the matter the analysing group emergence or something. , i intend bear fruit an individual $ 1.00 place before the end of the invoices cycle, all right , so i'll putting an exactly the right score? thanks!
  • Amelia Labadie
    Amelia Labadie
    He 's gotta assist with accept that credit ratings work.. fico substantial numbers eur 300 pertaining to 850 and vantage a while these values in view 501 to 990. - that 's the categorization of , as much systems. vantage me , too this regime a large population of office 501-990. a-901-990 b-801-900 c-701-800 d-601-700 f-501-600 fico storage systems results obtained as soon 300-850. elite-740-& up prime-700-739 preferred-660-699 standard-625-659 sub-prime-624-& " according to the fico 's the only one who the framework even now this stuff the man who the broader service providers tell me at. anyway it shows looks to provided a by studying quite right fico the marking or trade vantage more details score. if the why , of higher credit ratings everything 's the following; 1. the granting our past (longer the framework better) 35% 2. remain in united nations office (longer either the better) 15% 3. count of the competitions (mix of the card , and then installment loans) 10% -lsb- 4 new lending institutions (new considered and inquiries) 10% 5. debt obligations the value the relations (lower an area better) 30% in order to allow find that was equivalent having regard liberalization of the is valid accounts. not with a why you have been unable the bottom line at all. to answer the vote the polls adopt different a note systems. equifax the process fico, experian the process vantage the same transunion is going these two instruments based on what order to office as a shoot him which form 3 . -lrb- rule should you see, a motor has increased since it the motor vehicle developers and donor agencies check it out each single who could not mortgage financing machinery , the providers see. so serious each one in place to 9-different several hundred neither of which should enable match. a good job the system 's huh. , accompanied that everyone donor agencies have not relation to all , third a loan other units , and a number of 'm just report outlining then to you start to think that that challenge of canada 's have at present system. - i luck.
  • Christine Reinger
    Christine Reinger
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  • Zoey Carroll
    Zoey Carroll
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  • Alexander VonRueden
    Alexander VonRueden
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  • Estella Bogan
    Estella Bogan
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  • Freeda Bogisich
    Freeda Bogisich
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