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    We have money saved for the 3.5% plus extra, but now the selling bank may not allow an extension for us to get our FHA approval done in time which would probably have to be in 3 weeks. We waited 4 months for the approval of our offer on this house and I'm worried about getting an appraisal done and the selling bank say no way to kicking back closing costs. ugh, I just want to be in this house.

    I recently bought a new home using a Conyers loan. I went to LendingTree.com had five banks competing for my loan 24 hours later. I chose BankMortgage Solutions, LLC. Call Rebecca and tell her Jay H. from Arizona referred you. Let me know if this helps. Rebecca Jay Senior Loan Consultant BankMortgage Solutions, LLC 14425 College Blvd. Suite 100 Lenexa , Conyers 66215 Toll Free: 866-603-3208 ex 1960 Office: 913-754-1960 Fax: 913-754-1961 E-mail rebeccaj@bankmortgagesolutions.com Equal Housing Lender

    Make sure you have more money in the bank than you think you need! We are going through the same process and our first loan agent (who was an idiot) told us all we needed was 3.5% down and everything would be fine. Luckily the house we were trying to buy didn't work out because of appraisal issues. We then found out she was full of it. There was really no way we would have been approved at that time. We have now chosen to buy a new home and have it built for us. There is a lot more needed than we thought. Because our score was not perfect we have to have 3 months worth the mortgage payments saved in the bank which is roughly $4,300.00. The builder is paying 2% toward closing costs. WIth all of the fees, closing costs etc our out of pocket cost not including the $4300 in the bank we are going to have to pay roughly $12,000.00. That is a lot more than we thought but we are getting a home and it is worth it. Just try to relax and remember if it was meant to be then it will happen. SAVE SAVE SAVE your money! Good luck hun

    Closing costs should be closer to $3000 then $10,000, that's for sure. Having closing costs equivalent to 13% of the total price is unreasonable. It's closer to 3-5% of the total price. To answer your question, as long as your credit score is above 620 and the house meets the FHA inspection, you shouldn't have a problem.

    If your offer included the provision that the selling bank pays closing costs, they have approved same. I assume you have the accepted offer in writing, signed by an authorized bank representative. (If it is only a verbal approval, you don't have a legal accepted offer.) Your real estate agent needs to be working with the listing agent to keep the selling bank regularly apprised of your progress. The more contact involved, the more apt the selling bank is to continue to work with you. Good luck.

    Check the FHA qualifying as well as ratios in the following link. The required credit score is now 620 instead of 580. you you fit into the qualifying guidelines and ratios and you have a 3.5% down payment (cannot be borrowed) plus about $3,000 closing costs, you will likely not have any problems.

    Person was wrong about the 3000. closing costs could be upwards of 8 percent total down. 3.5 percent plus closing fees and depending on the time of closing all your pre pays such as taxes, and a year of your mortgage insurance and dont forget the PMI fees. Son purchasesd a house 128,000 and even with the min. down his closing the money he needed for closing was close to 10,000 .

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I may be moving down to Ft lauderdale FL any recomindations on good aviations schools down there?

  • Gussie Ondricka
    Gussie Ondricka
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  • Samir Ernser
    Samir Ernser
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