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    Here's my situation - My husband and I were living and Tucson working for the state. Arizona went broke, and neither one of us had received raises for 6 years. Then I got pregnant. We needed to find better jobs, but there were not a lot of opportunities in our area, and we did not have a lot of family to support our growing family. Then I was able to find a much higher paying job in Ohio. Unfortunately, it was not so high paying that it afforded us the ability to pay rent and our mortgage. Even more unfortunately, when we tried to sell the house, we were bluntly told by the real estate agent that the value of our home had plummeted since we bought it (in 2006...height of the real estate boom.) and that even if someone was willing to pay what we still owed on it, no one would lend them the money to do so. We were stuck short selling the house. This, of course only happened after we were 120+ late on the mortgage, in Jan, 2011. My husband and I have never so much as paid our credit card bills late. He was not on the mortgage...I was the only borrower, so the short sale does not appear on his credit report, and he has a score of 750. My score, despite the short sale, is still around 690 because I have kept all of my other accounts in order throughout the process. My husband has no income right now. He is a full time student and a stay at home daddy, and I work full time. With our combined credit, his lack of derogatory remarks on his credit score (but also lack of income) and my income....is there ANY way to qualify for a new mortgage loan, conventional or otherwise? I should also mention that we have figured out a way to be able to put 20% down on a house that we could afford. I know this sounds like a sob story...it's not intended to. I just want to give as many details as possible. Thanks!

    Spock - I can not be sued for the balance. For one thing, the short sale happened in AZ...there are anti-deficiency balance laws in that state that prohibit lenders from coming after people WHO FORECLOSE on a property. In a short sale in all cases, and in all states, the lender agrees to the sale price and the loss. The lender can not sue for the balance because they contractually agreed to take the loss. Please don't use Yahoo answers to fear monger.

    Ibu guru - see above additional details directed at Spock regarding deficiency balance judgements. Furthermore, we did not short sell because we were underwater. Again...we never even so much as paid our credit card bills late. We moved out of state and could not afford our rent Conyers ADDITION to our mortgage. Had we stayed in Conyers we probably could have swung it, but that was not an option. We are not irresponsible with money, but that is really not the point of the pose. I really only want to hear responses from people that are currently involved in lending in this housing market, not opinions.

    No chance of getting a mortgage. Hubby has no income, you have short sale on your record = neither qualifies for a mortgage. With house prices tumbling, even if you have 20% cash down payment plus closing costs plus 6 months reserves, you do NOT want to buy a house. You'll end up underwater again. You can expect a deficiency judgment on that short sale, too. Bye-bye down payment.

    In a few instances two years, however you might in most cases have got to relatively perform a little looking for a lender to provide you a shot together with your credit score historical past. You additionally must get permission to do a brief sale out of your financial institution. You can't unilaterally come to a decision to brief sale to your possess. They have got to approve the present you get after letting you even try a brief sale.

    Hang tight. unless you have an agreement to the contrary, the lender who lost money on your short sale is going to sue you for the deficiency -- and then you won't have the down payment. [They have several years to file suit for the money and frequently wait so people will get funds together that they can then seize.] it's time to be a renter -- keep powder dry until you both are working and the potential deficiency judgment issue is past.

    Contact a lender and see if you can get pre qualified, it doesn't cost you any thing.

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