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    It seems to me he's using the financial crisis to dodge a subject that he's not ready to confront. After he put his foot in his mouth by saying that the economy is fundamentally strong and being republican, who has been in control for eight years. Lately he's been changing his mind like a sponge absorbing whatever he's standing in knee deep. It looks like he went so far as to have his party leader George Bush to call Obama and himself to a economic meeting trying to avoid friday's debate. [How can he (Obama) turn down the president] I have been voting republican for the last 3 or four terms, and I tell you this dishonest man is turning me off! What a "change" of character. Since the 2000 race John McCain has turned into a snake.

    HahaHa...You don't even know what's going on, do you?...Instead of saying that McCain isn't doing anything (because YOU don't know what he's doing), how about finding out what he IS doing? McCain (along with some other Republicans) is trying to devise a better bailout plan...One that benefits the taxpayers more than the banks. "McCain said he wants to leave the door open to an array of proposals to address the problems and seemed to suggest he might even be open even to solutions that stray from the GOP line. “I will not play election-year politics with the housing crisis,” he said, adding he would evaluate all proposals. “I will not allow dogma to override commonsense.” But the small-government advocate and four-term Arizona senator also put restrictions on how far he was willing to go. “I have always been committed to the principle that it is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers,” McCain said. “Government assistance to the banking system should be based solely on preventing systemic risk that would endanger the entire financial system and the economy.” He said any government assistance to alleviate the housing crisis must be temporary and should be accompanied by reforms that aim to make the system more transparent and accountable to prevent a repeat of the crisis. He said no assistance should be given to speculators, or people who bought houses to rent or as second homes. Asked whether the Fed went too far in helping Bear Stearns, McCain said: “It’s a close call, but I don’t think so.” He said he doesn’t support federal bailouts unless it has catastrophic effects on the entire financial marketplace and there were indications that a Bear Stearns failure would have rippled across the entire economy. McCain also said people shouldn’t be able to buy homes with little or no money down, such as the interest-only loans banks have given the last few years. Lenders, he said, “should never insure loans when the homeowner clearly does not have skin in the game.” "One sign of potential trouble came from conservative House Republicans, who were offering their own plan, one that would require less government intervention. It would permit Washington to provide insurance to firms that buy troubled assets. Firms would pay insurance premiums to the government in return for coverage. "We feel it is best to resort to private capital first," said Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., who led the effort. Taxpayers "should not have to pay to bail out Wall Street." Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama, the top Republican on the House Banking Committee, sat in on the negotiations Thursday and said he was not sure that House GOP members would embrace the package, but added, "I think we're closer." This was a funny part: Obama's camp boasted that he'd played an important role in the executive pay negotiation. But Banking Committee staff said that while Obama's staff stayed in touch with negotiators, the senator had no apparent role in brokering any deal.

    My opinion is that McCain did not like the fact of explaining a man of color his views and ideas, sorry to say this and not being a racists because I have mixed blood of different nationalities, and to make a point of that McCain did not look at Obama when he talked about him and making remarks about him, so wake up people there is still a race issue in America. Having served 22yrs of my life in the military defending America I have earned the right to express my true feelings but always with respect to another.

    Running like a headless chicken. That would be a more accurate description. McCain had just finished the closed-door meeting presided by Bush, with Obama in attendance too. According to sources, McCain haven't said much throughout that meeting. In other words, he accomplished nothing. The so-called "leadership" that he said he would do is all but gone. Avoiding the scheduled debate and flying to Washington just to end up accomplishing nothing, is hard to take.

    My question is is this the best the GOP can do? and look at the current leader of the GOP he is a joke. but what he has done during his time in office is no joke. When he came into office we were in good shape economically and our military was in good shape too and damn now we are all screwed up and hot head Mccain thinks he can fib his way into 1600 Cordele Ave but the American people are smarter than that. He is old and has cancer and may not be alive in 2013 the end of what would be his first term and i do not think a Sarah Palin Presidency would appeal to many Americans

    The worst of it is backing out of the debate on Friday... that's just sooooo wrong. Neither candidate will debate a viable third party candidate - that is also sooooo wrong. So why not let Ralph Nader and Bob Barr in on the debate Friday, since Obama (last I checked) insists he's still going to participate???

    Even the Republican Party is seeing what McCain is all about. He is a true chicken with female genitiles. I agree with you 100%. He keeps using the story of his seven years as a prisoner of war. I felt for him, but now it's time to separate that from his Political ambition. I firmly believe that Senator McCain is not a stable candidate to be our President of th United States. Too bad and so sad.

    McCain has been asking Obama to take part in townhall meetings for months and months, even offering to pay for Obama's plane fare, so who is the coward? Obama is just whining because he took three days off from campaigning to prepare for the debate. The debate is going to be on foreign policy. I say they do the debate on Friday, but change the topic to the economy, since that would be more relevant. Obama would quickly agree that they should delay the debate because the guy cannot think on his feet.

    McCain wanted a fake controversy... now he's got a REAL disaster as the House Republicans balk on a near done deal. McCain's pull over the Republicans seem rather weak.

    / Senator McCain has asked Obama all year long, to debate him in Town Hall meetings, but Obama has been too afraid of McCain, and being in a spot without a teleprompter. Sen. McCain even offered to pay Obama's jet fuel cost ($4,000. per hour) to travel to each Town Hall meeting, but again, Obama is afraid of speaking where no teleprompter is present. Now, Sen. McCain is doing what he does best - putting America first. McCain/Palin 2008

    I agree, McCain looks like a scared little puppy who is afraid of the big dawgs!

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    Stephon O'Connell
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    Janet Bashirian
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    Velva Monahan
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