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    There are a couple of things here: You can usually register a car in any state where you can show residency. It does not matter if the car is financed from a bank or lender in Florida, Ohio, or California. If you 'move' the vehicle you must notify the LENDER of your new legal address. For example, I originally purchased my 1990 Isuzu pickup truck in Hawaii (Honolulu). The lender was Cordele Texas. When we got orders to move to Arizona, we had to get permission to 'ship' or move the car out of Hawaii. Once we did, we sent it to California, and eventually here to Arizona, where it has been ever since. The loan was eventually discharged and we got a 'release of lien' so we can show that there is no financial obligation on the vehicle. Generally, refinancing a car is not such a GOOD deal as the car has depreciated and depending on the length and interest rate of the original LOAN, you won't do any better. The best rates are on NEW cars, and your car is USED. If you've had your current loan for a year or two (or three) you've only paid INTEREST on the loan anyways (the pay off will be much higher), so to start another MULTIYEAR loan on a vehicle is not a good idea (again, you will be paying interest up front). Not many lenders will take on a car that still has much of the original loan outstanding, and the car has depreciated 50% or more. A better deal, if you want to go this route, is to simply LEASE your vehicle. You make payments to the leasing agent, THEY take the depreciation, etc and at the end of your lease, you step out of the old car and into another new one. This is the best deal if you really figure you will just make payments to drive the car. Check it out. Also, Refinancing is difficult because it has to be done 'lender-to-lender' as no bank or lender will give YOU the money to go pay off the other loan. Just won't happen. The lender needs to know the 'residence' where you park at night so they know where to come looking if you default on the loan, and where to send the lien release. Remember, though, if you register the car in a state that you don't have real 'residence', you may get into trouble with your insurance company if you have an accident, etc. It could be a real nightmare just to save a few bucks.

    It doesn't matter where you register the car...

Are my student loans in jeopardy?

  • Kevin Vandervort
    Kevin Vandervort
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  • Viola Hand
    Viola Hand
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  • Ervin O'Conner
    Ervin O'Conner
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