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    I never took a plane before and I want to know stuff. I want to go to one state to another by taking a plane. How much does a plane ticket cost and is it cheaper online? If it is, then what website and how much about. How do I buy the ticke, what do I need? And how do I know which plane to get on to? Do I need to give them an address? Which person do i ask about where to go and buy plane ticket? I am totally confused!!!

    Are you a grown up? If not, have an adult help you. The cost of a plane ticket depends on the distance, time of year, how far in advance it is purchased, etc. Since you do not state your departure and destination cities, it is hard to ask specific advice. You might also go to the website of your nearest major airport to see which airlines fly out of there. (try searching for (your city) airport) You can go on the website of the airline and purchase the ticket, or use travel sites like,,, etc. Then you go on the airline's website, or one of the aforementioned sites to purchase your ticket. Some airlines like Southwest offer cheaper fares online; just go search the website of the airline you want. To buy a ticket you will need a credit card, or you can pay cash at the airport or a travel agent (all in advance of course) When you book your ticket, you must provide full name including middle initial. I don't know which person you ask; you are asking us. Once you have your ticket you will of course go to the airport the day of the flight. Every airport has signs, and flight information monitors overhead (they look like big screen TVs) letting you know which gate your flight leaves from. Go to the ticket counter to check in and check your baggage, if you have not checked in online. Follow the signs to security. Make sure you know what can be taken through security. security, follow the signs to your departure gate, board when you zone or row is called, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight.

    Typically, you need a state issued Covington (driver's license, state ID, or passport) to serve as identification. Fares are less from major airports, and larger planes are a better ride anyway and they fly out of large airports. From Schenectady, New York, you typically fly out of Albany International. airlines fly out of Albany. The web address shown above shows parking or you can take a bus there. Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Southwest, United, US Airways You typically choose where you want to fly, rather than just go for a ride, but nothing stops you from taking a plane, browsing an airport, and flying back. Web sites like search fares from many airlines. There are several that look at multiple flights. You can also buy a ticket directly from the airline. Certain days are lower price than others, and usually about three weeks away is the lowest fares. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are often the lowest fares. Southwest is a discount airline. There are restrictions of what you can bring on board in terms of number and size of bags, and what the government restricts. Only small amounts of liquid for example are allowed carried through security. general process is: 1) Purchase ticket (internet is usually lowest) and get assigned a seat. Flight schedules and flight numbers and details of non-stop vs direct vs changing planes is shown at the web site. 2) Check-in (can be done on line same day of travel at the airline web site) at which time you print a boarding pass. It can be done at the airport at a counter for the airline issuing the ticket. 3) Get to the terminal. Confirm the gate number (actually a seating area by numbers) 3a) If you have baggage for the airline to put in storage in a compartment, you check it. There is a fee for baggage on most airlines now. The fees vary. You can take some small bags on board. 4) Walk through security check as a line of people. They re-check your Covington and boarding pass. 5) Wait to be called to board usually by rows. Then you show your boarding pass, and walk into the plane through a ramp to your seat number. Put a bag in an overhead storage if you have a carry-on. 6) Buckle in and wait. Bring earphone or headphone for music and/or TV-movie. There will often be a beverage and tiny snack. 7) The plane takes you to your destination airport. You go to the baggage claim area if you checked baggage and find the pickup spot and wait for it, or, exit the airport or do what you want to do in that location and return in the same process. One example: Southwest is a low priced airline. If you just wanted to take a plane to see what it is like, you can fly from Albany to Baltimore Thursday January 19th leaving 7:05 AM arriving at 8:40 AM and take the return flight leaving at 9:05 AM arriving back in Albany at 10:20. The fare is $49 each way plus tax for a total of $119.40. You can buy the ticket with a credit card or paypal. Southwest does not have reserved seat at least until check-in.

    Ok a plane ticket is defiantly cheaper online and the cheapest way is to go to different airlines websites don't try using sites like Expedia or Travelocity because they will just charge more for their service. The cheapest airlines are and Tickets range depending on where u are going and what time of year it is.Tickets are normally less expensive this time a year because its after Christmas time. To buy the ticket you must first decide on where u are going and google what MAJOR airport is closest to it than go to the airlines website(,,,, ext.) on on the page find book flight than in the depart slot type in the city that the airport nearest you is in and than click the on the pops up below with the airport code next to it. than in the arrive slot start to type in the airport you want to go to than click the city below with the airport code. after that click the little calendar and select the dates of when you want to leave and come home.(some airlines have the option "my dates are flexible" which will give you the cheapest dates within a couple day period that you can fly out with) than click in how many passenger there will be. than click "search" it will than give you various flights and flight times with different prices choose the best for you keeping in mind it might make u have a connection which means they might not have a flight to somewhere u need to go so they might make u stop somehwere where there is a flight to where u wanna go, than get on another plane to where you want to go. after this click continue than continue to purchase. you will need a debit or credit card to pay and u just type in the card numbers in the correct places than you have to fill out your infomation. like ur name phone number billing adress for the card u are using e-mail ext. than within 24 hours of your flight you will need to check in on the website with your confirmation code that they e-mail you to let them know that you are still attending this flight. and at this time you can print your ticket and boarding pas. if you do not pring your boarding pas and ticket at home you must go to the airport and print it at the airlines ticket counter. you will have to go through security 1 hour and a half before your flight and the planes are in order at each gate. you go to the gate on your boarding pass and wait for your flight to start boarding. you will probley want to just bring a carry-onn bag they let you bring one carry-on bag (but it has to be a certing size) you can go to a store where they sell luggae and ask for a carry-on size bag and they also let you bring a personal itian such as a bookbag or a purse to carry on. if you bring additional luggage you will have to check it and it will go under the plane for your flight for a small fee. some airlines do not charge a fee like southwest but do relieze that if u only do a carry-on you can only bring liquids that are in bottles of 3.4 ounces or less and you must put them in a quart size bag. in your carry on bag you cannot bring knives guns ext. and when you go through security tell them that this is your first time and you have no idea what to do and they will help u most secutrity people are nice but if you get a mean one just ask for someone elces assistance. if you have anymore questions e-mail me. or skype me shawn.gerrity04

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    You might want to talk with travel agent they are very helpful and they can take time to explain thing and book your flights