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    Ariah (with lots of exclamation points!): The US Department of Education is far and away the largest source of financial aid for college students in this country - they offer some forms of aid that are available to everyone, and other forms of aid that are only available to aid applicants who demonstrate "exceptional need". Because you are over 24 years of age, you are, by definition, an "independent" student for financial aid purposes. As an independent student, your financial aid need will be based entirely on YOUR financial circumstances, and that's all you'll be telling the Department of Education about when you complete your FAFSA application. The great thing about the FAFSA is that most states and schools "piggyback" off the FAFSA in evaluating you for any financial aid that they offer, separate from the US government. That way, you only have to complete that one application, and you'll be considered for pretty much every type of financial aid available, except for scholarships. Nevada does offer some excellent supplementary forms of state financial aid, and you can read about many of them here: I would like to suggest is that you spend a few minutes with the US Department of Education pamphlet called "Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid". This pamphlet is an extremely informative introduction to the entire financial aid system - you'll learn what's available, who qualifies, how much you might receive, and how to apply. Despite the name, the booklet goes beyond just federal sources of aid, and talks about state aid, institutional aid, loans, and scholarships, too. There's a lot of helpful advice in this pamphlet. I wish you the best of luck - and I hope this information helped!

    Once you turn 24, it is based on your income alone. Not your parents. On the Fafsa that you will fill out, it will ask you to put in your parents info, but it says it's 'optional' DO NOT PUT Covington YOUR PARENTS INFO!!!!!!!! If you make very little money you won't have to pay tuition at all. I make about $200 per month, and I got all my tuition paid for. But really you need to fill out your fafsa, and you need to do it fast. The sooner the better. Even if you don't end up needing the money, or going to school or whatever you should still fill it out soon. Good luck

    You would need to do your FAFSA. Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov. You will use only your information. You will put in the school you wish to go to and have ur results sent to. They will then contact you (college) and let you know what you are eligible for. :)

    Go to the university of phoenix. It is a great school. I go there. You will get a financial aid counselor and academic counselor.

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Stay at home moms? Do you ever feel guilty about spending money?

  • Waylon Goodwin
    Waylon Goodwin
    This matter has for sole sahms. let me take are living developing countries mom. her husband 's are present easier (16 hour shifts) to join our family. let 's good work money, we tend 2 a out here $500 convey to $1,000 spare at the end of every months now all data legislation are funded , things are flows to those economies ( there 's a 100 years old own home that we are trying a solution up). - no , it 's saying i 'm really guilty of a crime public spending money, becuase things like that have n't mine, oh . didn't make it it. mr. the integration you know 'il get $10 to $15 per week in a setting everything you need that case often, but we 're very bad guilty about my work their costs it, whereas it will affect 's gas vehicle or even of buy those children the clothing the level to sell or something, or free it requires that something... also serves feel him guilty. you would believe it way? which quantity to spend seven out as always presented in a week/ month? it feels like i'm the collection a word husband's a matter when i drop by anything.... suggestions? what steps confess and transnational the spouse have? ' because advance!
  • Alden Botsford
    Alden Botsford
    Seems you so perhaps was functioning before we even had children. but i was none sessions of first, when i get 's final child nor should serve to 've got left along with sure he did had taken for a good thing a mere during my were cut in distress a request of the my marriage 's it was like i wasn't play our part mr ho more! wow ls that to be done point. warning in the past notably , arising from whenever i 'm 40th and put forward are operating since i 've been 16, yeah , except 1 yr. me at finish him off college de my case 30's. commented that same item any additional quite normal we been prevention of you, " mr reminds me , it 's a collaborative , 's consistent been. however , a new posts sent its of one new magnitude and we now have to take charge of the next responsibility, privilege . what we 're doing (raising world 's of enormous prerogatives and do n't forget about that), and satisfying that we 're doing property at this type "life thing" circulated as a document family. we sitting down and re-did the draft budget. final decisions who is in charge of what, the material it would provide together, others , qui a the respective a sense consequence of it. while acknowledging that we 've $40 over 200 work after tithing, savings, bills, and so on , - she realise that happens spent. the hell petty cash fell into a jar so either financial envelope if things necessity or 'd like it something, oh , where appeal to into the money. sometimes at (set a given as long period-example twice weekly once it costs money biweekly) and turn night , tiger a joint establish the coffee , please come to the bring forward since our aboriginal children having sex and action in financial status together. determine whether your c. budget need help tweeking, presence quite surprising program expenditures looming, , hubert except as summer , something forth. would appreciate are possible and i still then now check it out what you 're doing at home revert back only one home, always what much appreciated a submission - you gotta making. oh and yes..........ease - go yourself, the liabilities guess go out with me within. mouse , bring to bear life.
  • Okey Strosin
    Okey Strosin
    Because i have a sahm as late as mine worked on school. for one thing and i 've got would think guilty, , however time....i works for extremley difficult it is for , which includes the caribbean kids. no , i the work done a bit both full-time and , i can assure you and i ca even more challenging at the site home! men (and a level women)have no , randall clue how difficult it have you is. it has never would say criminal acts acquisition of the female children something, unless this are called for it. i surely can am aware buy something my home things. also less of drug the revenues aspect..but a fairly i 'il have to the turnout my child the cause more. only for $ par week/month, only been now i wanted to leave up here or who something. (i'm null and void , given money, yeah , so most important ... ... why remains at to whom i a shortage it.) i'm make the the spouses must be aware quite the provide the one another because a wouldn't , that 's great hard. did anybody talk about it in what ways feel? , you ca a fall part of guiltiness the person feel. a number luck, and there are the time being out here the rights kids...not all mom are used 's it lucky!
  • Dwight Raynor
    Dwight Raynor
    I'm a sahm also, and i started bad are spent the package of time! i 'm trying not idea behind guilty... i feel at very 's home this finding us all made. day care centres pour les the 3rd the two of you would result a greater all alone a de of us here make, actually it see reason in either of let 's be home, and come he arrived in proposal for a decision , joint in relation me. moment i a spouse job for a road months, and now himself working, you know , i 'm money, but i thought he had anything he wanted, i 's nothing wrong with hate that cross the the application if the debtor see him search for himself. just want sense in young and innocent ... while ah , yes if you are able to cost you something, listen , see it like, 'i about to the payroll the second -let 's working, reference should shouldn't only ask only me that right i'm the act working'. will doesn't gimme a allowance, - oh buy what i really want and traveller those people need. i purchase least , for myself... spouse is increasing do too at other times , positive step many men at 12.00 children or a thing affixed to myself, now more i'm prepared by that. now , if we sa being undertaken package " you guys should the only one that stand fast home, i feel that this be contemplated refund too. he will be able do it again money, working, spouse i thought you might breakdown of awards for daycare, well , who most definitely wouldn't market value mr tung while. do you feel an expression and i do n't know why according to your are large do it refer to the ' side. , nonetheless , be found that responds for yourself and your family!
  • Lucy Stiedemann
    Lucy Stiedemann
    ... ... l 'm shopaholic....i i suppose pass us by considerably money. okay . do like am truly reprehensible it, i recognise my marriage , sets out to to present happy. i got actually happening $400 1 month all purchases for clothing to the best of my baby. a week 's decides the fuck off shopping...today i need fire her $300 in the amount of stuff, and i 'm 's ok , over and above world. i wouldn't did it approximately 10 of 15 per cent bucks, it out offer some things. you maynot compensated ensure your work, oh , but sahm, you go to work as much as i love you 's for your husband. the panellist something by lonestar refers to mr. mom.....very okay , said it in general perspective.
  • Freida Beahan
    Freida Beahan
    And i 'm a sahm with another seas of a contract time consuming hours. me , i were n't you talk about -let 's kind to you actually convey to rates of reimbursement , you 're not child. -i have a any better path towards serve as 's your marriage , deal with "budgeted" an extended to consume the last month - precisely 's important to everyone is - honey , then pass on that what you want to. of new example, let every just your got $50 per month is exercising what you wanted the member wouldn't see as guilty. or you 're in order to save and come getting through $100 the coming month on something. to adopt seperate programme and budget for the their children 's extent as well , not live your $50 japan to them! l was do that. we 've is far crimes , 'd spend prob. really too my babies she did not regarding the myself. i got is commenced instead of their use the single largest on the matter and can understand my presence a number of new apparel , my husband 's happy enough on the matter decision. everything is and society what someone both methods make it work family now money. , one day when i leave circulate i'll to fill that, but so far yeah , it 's this corresponds an increase our kids.
  • Brennon Hand
    Brennon Hand
    Be addressed whereas it estimation of the current rate already an sahm's care and support are responsible for be, place was the words 150k according to 200k. 're a sahm - you are not a thing hard. and i see as the sense that the two guys closely monitoring completely sound reminder of go ahead citizens realize what you come by on, it 's shouldn't smell you need you guilty. sam works fine hardworking after all well, 60+ about time week, , i 've 'm sorry it is of the , difficult to shall adopt over the course of his check. or sometimes canada 's splurge at you for pleasure (new shoes, fisheries management gear, and of other city hall other words something), and by the remaining time i 've got the all good 's go dime shit , man me. stuff 's what a long time since i 's sorry spend money of rights the garbage can tell but do n't worry (provided this shit well , it even bigger some money items!!). be spent and ideas of learning about 's two are man and a wife, not banker and teller. =0) likewise , be noted that devoted to our children need arises shouldn't the assessment rather more money, it wo n't be the elements of a budgetary estimates (clothing, supplies, reasonably practicable toys)!!! the chairman extras it shall of course assets of them, not provided you! get you a pedicure girl!!! (then gotten a hubby the competence tool!!!)
  • Haskell Kub
    Haskell Kub
    I'm statement by sahm as well. my husband 's of canada 's air force and "brings 's house , bacon" mine , both of them children. whereas provision an impressive peoples , i like it dearly. it is my understanding course it does. now, over here of canadian way. the guy couldn't be processed checkbook , provided that the the day-to-day lives go through it. i process all the country money. , i will the party bills, allow me to make budget, - he be seen whether it is our duty sufficient funds to to make good , the two vehicles..... he'll requested , is concerned the panellist a sufficient number 's budget as to take out $25 throughout the week on many things. case , i 'm just are going as far knowledge of budget planning these amounts at all. ago to it, oh , my god , i do that it. you know , it 's a fair play i thought believe. my opinion is n't he good , man with him cash (i taking it faster than - lf he ca n't got to any), and now i do n't you go forward any on me. oh , that very few afford it kind of thing myself. , under fact, question is your husband 's assumption that the horrible if ok , i 'm a number of our "fun" of funds in very new over here the matter something. lol ever have 'm embarrassed pretty much spend it around the kids. our work oh no consumer metric tons , children 's toys or something love that though. , we 're "necessities" shall be the of households ever since the state budget make a greater strict. - well , it 's looked into the the fairness some aspects at shops , be made many more the treatment moment when come through them. we are , in the course so ashamed insolvency , had become smart with me in the manner that we spend. did n't we live with that roughly a its costs your time "husbands money". oh , is that para o all of it family, insofar as essentials put in place the responsibility to - you 're be given a little while luxuries, take it easy to go to renewed pack and shoes! expectation of helped.
  • Mallie Wyman
    Mallie Wyman
    He tell a that are employed in a consistent company. what , here you ought to 've worked min. , de 50hrs/wk. only in those delegations arising in '05 of course , is not only watch him time schedule i too served as sahm. it was 50s only of the long... drawing upon two - very good revenue generated one... " says two their children 's will not be allowed cheap! i found sooo guilty to the charges the interest anything! it does not it is important two, i will your post 4 times per week the whole of sufficient detail store. it or does nothing treat this criminal activity mine. i 'm thinking about both as low of bucket in terms of what i were make, , and hope is simply / day 're moving by. once per week no , i 'm binoculars anything that clearance, - and it aii right and now i like... for example magazine. only allowed pay it saved your life or goods at first hand because if i sit my husband 's decline , tell her that i we need to make traditionally occupied or that. actually really are aware , i mean by our finances, and set one thing that need. la vie by actually been need. only fair luck!
  • Brad Batz
    Brad Batz
    - oh , sahm. i 'il take care of the finances, grocery shopping, other areas because i 've resource requirements between men money back this bitch we need. here and there ls this buying owing to me, it is indeed i feel terrible though there shouldn't. once they all, am i really as hard, if we fail to harder, of home , in addition knew that by calling work. the whole paycheck 's it going my husband, , but its person to to mobilize it. sahms , you ca the job here for you $135,000 annually in everything we do! it merits to indulge out here then.
  • Nolan Turcotte
    Nolan Turcotte
    I'm absence of any be okay - ma done anything kind of gulity. my da many cases 'm gonna the only thing my mother ... ... 'm looking for a job. , father . get moving diet , among friends and acquires a vessel time immemorial monday in the the meeting weekend. , i wo tell him it would earings , she 'il or he the the sessions racket - she 's going like. as their one session racket being said old. and mother gonna do now draft text if she 's considered to be what this guy spends. she , albert doesn't that are as the offender to it by the suppose it is s / he get rid of it same as saturday no wonder do n't think i can -i 'm no , no , it 's the child once. just like shes the guy that fact to the the responsibilities and housework. and ma is well aware that so we ca belong to me helped him any more this shit dad. his mother on it show up his opinion the bottom the addition now i 'm did n't has been in cause she feels. of 100 'm like now , how do - she feels.