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    What the heck, I go MIA from YA and already this place is filled with even more morons! You are correct, illegals give us many things such as crime, litter, and entitled attitudes. Why are people so against illegals? Honey, they are breaking the law and sponging off our system! I work hard for my sh!t and trying to come up with money for student loans, why should they cut and get free assistance? Since when is illegal a race? Seems like you're the racist one here thinking all illegals are brown.

    I'll tell you what-if a blond, blue eyed Swede was driving erratically, he would be pulled over. The first thing the cop would do is ask for license, registration of the vehicle and proof of insurance. If the Swede couldn't produce either and spoke with a heavy accent, the cop would want to see proof that he was here legally. The same goes for a person with a Nigerian accent, or a Vietnamese accent. If there is suspicion, such as driving with no valid U.S. identification, that person will have to show proof of being here legally. So, there is no racial profiling. Racial profiling is when someone is stopped ONLY because of the way that they look.... It doesn't matter that they come here for a better life. Millions around the world would like to leave their homelands for a better life, but they have to go through the proper process to do so. It's not fair to those who go through background checks, physicals, pay tens of thousands of dollars and wait years to come here legally, while someone else just skips across the border illegally. It is also not fair to Americans who are forced to pay taxes to support these illegals when they crowd our hospitals' emergency rooms without the means to pay for their care; it's not fair when the illegals have their anchor babies in the same hospitals and tax-payers get stuck with those bills also, or the hospital closes for lack of funding. It's not fair to American tax payers when the schools don't have the funding to continue art and music classes or extracurricular activities for our children, but we are still on the hook for paying for ESL classes. Teachers are being laid off, but bilingual teachers are in demand. The list goes on and on. Illegals hurt us!

    Read a newspaper. That part of SB1070 was tossed by a judge, so Arizona doesn't "get away" with it. BTW - How dare the police ask me for my drivers' license when I get stopped for speeding or having a broken tail light? Responsible people carry ID, period. Secondly, with a 10% national unemployment rate the LAST thing we need is a larger labor force. People balk at paying so much extra in taxes to support the social costs of illegal migrants because their attempts to "better their lives" are destroying our abilities to maintain ours. Part of the reason Californians are losing their homes in record numbers is because the property taxes keep getting hiked up to cover the migrant burden on the school system. You obviously don't pay taxes, don't have a child in public school and have never tried to use an emergency room in the American southwest. People who offer purely academic arguments such as yours generally have no real world experience on the subject.

    I live in Arizona, and I look like an illegal. I am not. I was stopped yesterday, for speeding. I was never asked for "my papers". I have a valid drivers license. Illegals are breaking the law, just by being here. We at least give them food and water, and a free ride home. Illegals go home!!!

    Arizona gets away with it (maybe since Mr. Obama has sued them) with checking immigration papers because the law they passed mirrors the federal law. You know, the one American citizens and legal immigrants want in place to secure the borders of our nation. You will not be pulled over and told to hand over your immigration papers. You will however be asked for a drivers license, proof of insurance, and registration papers for your vehicle just like any other red blooded American citizen and/or legal immigrant. If you forgot your drivers license that day but you have the other documents (not the immigration ones, the vehicle ones) then it is not likely you will be asked to prove you are here legally. How many American citizens and/or legal immigrants go out the house without their wallet (drivers license or legal Culloden goes in it). I have lived here all my life. I get pulled over and I have to produce an ID. Am I being racially profiled because I have to show ID? Mexican President Felipe Calderon was quoted when asked if anyone was in Mexico illegally Mexico would "send back them". Why can't we as the United States of America "send back them"? Illegals take our jobs that honest, hard working, legal citizens/immigrants want then most don't contribute it back to the economy they worked to steal it from. They send it back to their country of origin. Draining our economy. They are often injured on jobs due to low wages and poor equipment, then they go to our emergency rooms and want free health care. Which we as legal citizens/immigrants have to pay for out of our tax dollars. Which illegals are not contributing to, because they are here illegally! Yes they want better lives, let them fight for better lives in their own country like we did. Better yet, let them come here legally. Then we can do lunch, get some shopping on, and discuss how they did it the right way and border hoppers are ruining their reputations. I want a better life for my family. My husband lost his job in April. We have 3 kids to support and bills to pay. I want a better life. Can I go steal an illegal man's tools to do work he would get paid under the table for so that I can provide a better life for my family? Why not? I can't afford the tools and he has them. I want them. I just want a better life.

    IT'S NOT RACIAL PROFILING! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IS A MIXTURE OF RACES. i'm against them especially because they are affecting our children education. illegal kids and the babies they have when they get here are overcrowding our schools. due to all the kids class sizes (from max of 32 kids per class to max of 40) has increased, bungalows has been added and more schools have been built (los angeles usd). the more students in class the less attention. due to the illegal kids some of our kids are getting less educated due to teachers having to help them more. is that a good thing?

    People don't like what they can't understand and no nothing about. Until these people know what the illegals go through they will never understand. I have seen and heard of the problems some of the illegals go through and it is sad. Most of them do want a better life and that is why they are here. Now, there are the criminals out there but guess what, we have criminals that are Americans(gasp!). Criminals are in every bunch of people. I have seen through the years Americans abusing the system(welfare). The reason why some people are against all the illegal immigrants is because they think they are the reason why the US is in the situation that we are in. They need to look at all the big houses, the big fancy cars, the expensive clothes and all just to keep up with one another that they and their friends can't afford but it's ok because they can just declare bankruptcy. Arizona is racial profiling no matter what some try to say. I pay taxes and I have 3 children in public school. All 3 of my children have good schools and good teachers. They are missing nothing (all straight As) because of the illegal's children. I live in Texas.

    Illegal aliens are not a race. We don't need a larger labor force,we have too many of our own citizens out of work. Better lives....same old sorry excuse.

    The govt can't control that MOST illegals are hispanic. suddenly that makes everyone racist...? wow, good argument i have an idea. remove the illegals since they don't pay for healthcare and education and suck $billions out of the economy every year. not to mention 1/3 prisoners are illegal immigrants (for crimes theyve committed OTHER than being here illegally, tell me again that they just come here to work. pfff) now, release non-violent criminals from the overflowing prison system to relieve taxpayers. have those criminals finsh the remainder of their sentences doing hard labor that the illegals were doing. we can also give the homeless some of those jobs...

    It really pisses me off that we tolerate such blind stupidity. It's about time someone put their foot down about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Good for you Arizona!!!! We don't need a larger work force. Our unemployment rate is approaching double digits. Which BTW is largely due to your sorry asses sneaking over our border to "better your lives".

Ideas for my fourteen year old daughter so that she can raise money and go to Peru?

  • Trycia Hammes
    Trycia Hammes
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  • Savion Mertz
    Savion Mertz
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