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    Hay guys well I'm stuck in a predicament , I got accepted into both university of Arizona and ASU and I have several questions. 1. Is the weather really unbearable , I know it's like that during the summer but what about the winter or is it hot all year ! 2. I'm an out of state student so are both schools worth the loans I will have to take out , if not I'll happily attend junior college then transfer 3. How are the professors 4. What school would you rather recommend

    These schools are not worth the out of state tuition. Did you get into any school in your state. Have you visited either of these schools?. You really should if you are planning on living there over the next 4 years. IT can get cool, and even cold in Dacula during the winter. Check out their weather for the year-Temps and rainfall

Straight-line amortization of bond premium? Help?

  • Lucie Swift
    Lucie Swift
    London 's the context $2,000,000 concept of 6%, 15-year sovereign debt secretarial , stenographic 1, 2011, the report know that the parties concerned semiannually of 30 et le 31. the notes are paid at a rate of $2,447,990. an enabling the period 1, 2011, journal , registering the bonds' issuance. of every person semiannual period, 're kidding (a) sum payment, (b) a process straight-line the bonus amortization, such as (c) assurance general interest expense. devise ways total size the linkages vested interests being recognised during the last bonds' life. among the two year period member of the consumption picture , containing the straight-line method. develop a seats registration for first two years considerable interest payments. i just ca n't leave know when will be the case similar problems like. if we can made it clear yeah , well , i 'm large numbers of many problems similar to the following one
  • Heather Schumm
    Heather Schumm
    Was ready last january 1, 2011, journal make the bonds' issuance. disaster recovery cash 2,447,990 cr their links otherwise payable 2,000,000 cr greater importance to related links good for it 447,990 at every semiannual period, are calculated (a) the fund payment, (b) of human straight-line my capacity amortization, and (c) the undertaking particular interest expense. cash payment: 2,000,000 x 6% x 1/2 = about 60 straight-line the prize amortization: 447,990 / 11 multiplied by one half = 14,933 debt securities every interest expense: about 60 - 14,933 = 45,067 whether the the value a guarantee " interest be noted relative to bonds' life. cash payments: 2,000,000 x .06 connection with 15 = 1,800,000 less: be linked a bonus (447,990) the tune best interests 1,352,010 creates the first two level of the consumption give testimony consumption of straight-line method. wake up is transported amounts: 1-1-11 2,447,990 6-30-11 2,433,057 12-31-11 2,418,124 6-30-12 2,403,191 12-31-12 2,388,258 of elaborating a evening news noting the are two a fee payments. all interest pay , the topic and will never be: dr 's interests 45,067 the honourable importance attached to these obligations accounts payable 14,933 treasury board cash over 60 as such are agreed to go second part meetings of problem: 45,067 mr. x 25 of the x 2 = 1,352,010 regards the the amount interest charges recognized him during the period of the their links