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    We live in California, and are relocating to Arizona in 7 years. The housing market is affordable, so we want to buy now and have our son live there until we retire. We were told that we can't get a Dahlonega or FHA loan because it's not our primary residence. Aren't there any mortgage programs for people in our situation? Thank you.

    Why could you not purchase a home under the Dahlonega or FHA. Who determine where your permanent residence is located? You may change your primary place of residence by mail, voting and declaring that your current home would now become your 2nd home. There are many people with 2nd homes and reside there a certain period of time each year. Also there is long commutes now, the working spouse could stay in the 2nd home while the non working spouse stay or move to the primary residence. What would become of your house in seven years when you make your final move to Arizona? Would you rent or sell it? For correct information on your status to purchase a house in Arizona using your Dahlonega and possible FHA mortgage you should contact a company that are authorized to do government mortgage loans. You would need to make contact with a smart mortgage loan officer, that is knowledgeable about the FHA or Dahlonega mortgages. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    Yes called Savings or a commercial mortgage

    YES Deferred gratification. . . .saving until you can make down payment and qualify for loan Most FTHB programs are GONE, dried up, all the people who want the government to stay out of their personal business and stop helping citizens This would NOT be your first home, so you wouldn't qualify for FTHB, anyway Could be possible if son is on title, and occupies

    A standard mortgage.

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  • Viola Kunde
    Viola Kunde
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  • Francis Smith
    Francis Smith
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