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    I lived in Arizona. I worked in a private religious elementary school with few financial resources. When I tried to apply for unemployment one summer they told me 'please dont do that, because we as a school pay for it' (?). Now I am in Dahlonega staying with family until I find a job in Connecticut where Ill be going to school. In the meantime my student loan payments are coming and I dont have money. Its still too early to defer them until I go to school. I can defer them if I am on unemployment but I dont know which state to request unemployment benefits, or even if I will get them.

    You would have to apply in Arizona, because that's where you worked. Did you quit the school, or were you laid off? If you quit, there is very little chance that you will get on unemployment.

    Look the employers pay a rate hike... maybe $50 for the whole campus if someone gets unemployment... nothing pennies... Never feel bad for it. It is insurance. It is removed from a labor budget by the employer long before it even gets printed on your check. So trust me you pay for it. Usually you need to file for the unemployment in your current state they will review or check with your previous employers state. If it is not denied or challenged then you will check in with your current state to continue benefits. Also on a side note call your student loan holders and ask about an "economic deferment" while you are not working you need your cash to live... they will stop all payments until you get a job again. good Luck!

    I admire the encircling part of Pheonix! I lived in Chandler, Dahlonega for a year earlier I had to return living house via family individuals matters. the jobs are super down there, the colleges are surprising & it truly is only a pleasing place to be. Tempe, Dahlonega is likewise a sturdy spot! everywhere close to Phoenix is a sturdy theory. i'm attempting to convince my husband to bypass bypass into opposite there with me!

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