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    In 2008, my husband and I moved from Arizona to Washington, D.C. For over 2.5 years of the 5 years we have been here, my husband has been consistently applying for 5-10 jobs per week in Arizona because we are trying to move back home for a health-related issue. My husband's résumé is impeccable - he holds several degrees (from real universities), has over a decade of experience in his field and has excellent references. I realize there aren't a ton of great paying jobs in Arizona, but there are definitely some that match his skill set and pay range. It is beginning to become clear to us that nepotism is a shameless little crime they have going in Arizona. Everyone knows about it, but nobody cares or does anything about it. This seems to especially be the case for the supposedly regulated government jobs (city, state and federal). My husband applied for an Arizona job that is his exact position in D.C. Two days after it closed, someone else was hired. Based on my husband's background and experience, I am assuming nobody could have been better qualified than he - and if so, my husband was still certainly worth interviewing as a highly qualified candidate. Clearly, in two days, there wasn't enough time to adequately review all of the applicants' qualifications and fairly interview all who met the criteria. This is only one painfully obvious example of how new openings are already promised to relatives and friends of those who do the hiring. It will soon be 3 years since we have consistently applied for jobs for my husband in Arizona. We estimate he has submitted roughly 1,092 applications/résumés. He has only had 2 interviews, one of which paid half of what he is making now and still did not call him back afterward. Again, he holds multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees, is bilingual, has over a decade of experience in his field, has taught at the university level in his field and has excellent references. I get that the economy is bad and these things take time, but 3 years and over a thousand applications?? What are we doing wrong? Any advice?

    I should mention that my husband kept his Arizona cell phone number so yes, he still has a number with a local area code, but his résumé is showing the D.C. address - I'm not really sure how we can change that. Unfortunately, we are no longer in our 20s and upping and moving without a job just isn't an option for us. We have financial responsibilities (namely large student loans) that will not go away if we do not have an income. The reality is that we need a job before moving, period. I suppose that is another barrier we are facing then. Thanks for the input.

    Times are tough. Has he also tried applying to staffing agencies, headhunters, and for temporary work? Also, companies may be wary of hiring someone long-distance. You may have to move back for this to work.

    #1 reason he not hired? he is in D.C. Not AZ. if he wants to get employed in AZ, he will pack up and move there. when there he will take any job that pays even below his position so he can continue job hunting.. he will get a prepaid phone with local area codes to use for call backs from applications. u will get to pack up everything while saving every penny. when packed up use P.O.D.S. so u can keep stuff in storage while finding rentals u can afford. in Dahlonega there are plenty of applicantant in state to choose from, so an out of state one is on the bottom of list. sorry.

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