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    My family and I are moving to one of the areas in the vincintity of Pheonix we still haven't decided which one. We are not rich we will be leaving chicago in our family car with about 3000-3500 dollars. I have my degree in special education. (No experience) I will be graduating in May. My boyfriend and I will both be attending Arizona state University getting degrees in Biology. We have two children. And my father will also be moving with us. Will we be able to live for a least two or three months off of 3000 bucks until we all find jobs? I will probably not teach right away, because I want to to teach high school special ed in a biology class. (I need to get my bio degree) are there jobs in group homes, that pay enough to live off of? We live very frugally and don't waste money on the 'finer things' in life. We just want to survive. Chicago is practically kicking us out of this city. I pay 900 dollars a month for a very small two bedroom, 750 on the car, 300 on food,

    We use our credit cards to get by every month, I am almost finished paying off all my credit card debt, but and still about 55000 in debt because of student loans and my car. Will we survive? Will we be able to live in an area, where I don't have to worry about someone stealing my car? Hurting my children? Robbing us of our possessions? (clothes and books, and some toys? ) Tell me everything you want or are able to type about these things. Any informaton will of great help. Thank you everyone

    You won't be the only one moving here because of your situation. A lot of California's that have moved here where, I guess they felt "kicked out to" because of the high cost of living. Phoenix has gotten more expensive but nothing like California. There are plenty of jobs in the valley. If you're attending ASU these are the list of cities you should consider living in. Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Ahwatukee and Gilbert. The East valley is popular place to live in so you have a lot of traffic and that's why you don't want a long commute. Here's a couple of local links to help you with more info. You'll love the weather this time of the year. It's going to be 76 degrees today, but get ready for some HOT! summers.

    Although the dry air and warmth will upgrade her bronchial asthma a little. The going to Az To support with hypersensitive reaction'sand bronchial asthma has considering long gone out the window because the folks from the east who've relocated there within the final 30 yrs have additionally relocated their crops and bushes and grass.

    Contact the University, and ask them for info, there are alot of nice areas, w/ressonable rents, and be careful and enjoy Az to the max!!

    Be encouraged,keep the faith,you can do this if you have to.many people before you had to make a forced move .i would locate a realtor and line up all your possiblities in the town/city in which you plan to live.AZ.has a few new communities.Good Luck,and God Bless.

    Yes, you can, and since you guys will be attending ASU...ask them for help with housing! Best of luck to ya!

    Your going to hate the weather in Dallas in the summer. It gets too hot. For 900 hundred dollars you could be buying property. Good luck.

    Eh thats probly enough bearly.. asu is pretty cool. your probably going to have atleast a thousand square feet for $900.00 . but dont move here if you dont have any degree

    You might be able to do it but not for long.

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  • Ruby Bradtke
    Ruby Bradtke
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    Loma Lakin
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