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    It's unbelievable how must of you think about the new Arizona immigration law. The reason Arizona is doing this is because of the incompetent U.S.A government that has not dealt with the immigration issues. Most of you will come to this country illegally if you were found in there situation, you no different than those hispanics. The U.S.A government had open doors, all you guys are welcome here, now they want to chase them like animals. The number one violator is the U.S.A government for letting all these people come and having them undocumented for years, to me, this is a violation of human rights, this is a crime. But, I have live here long enough to know that many American corporations have made millions by using undocumented immigrants. Forgot to mention, many stupid people say, deport this people now, like the U.S.A can spend millions deporting 12 million people, how stupid this is. Here is the way to solve this problem, you give heavy fines to Employers who hire undocumented immigrants and implement a new security Dallas here, you give 25,000 for first offense and then 50,000, then jail time to Employers, they all need to leave, no-one will hire someone undocumented, end of study. bye now

    With respect, you are confusing the last government with the present government. You are getting way ahead of yourself. By writing as much as you have, you have lost the point to your question. Next time, keep it short and to the point....ok!

    Yes, and thankfully 20 other states are introducing the same bill. If the government will not protect us from these illegals, then our states must! The government did not have open doors, or why would they be dragging their children across deserts and putting them into such neglectful and dangerous situations to arrive here. Why would they pay smugglers to come ILLEGALLY. No immigrant is undocumented. The correct term is illegal alien. All our government did is refuse to enforce the laws on ALL illegal aliens. So now we must. Go to VOIAC and humancost and see the numbers of victims of illegal aliens. This is reason alone to deport them. and there are 23 million illegals, 22 million being from mexico alone. (immigration counters)! I agree with going after anyone who would employ these people, but what about these illegals working with fake and phony documents and the employers do not know. You have to go after the source of the problem, the illegal aliens themselves. and yes, we have had mass deportations in the past and have worked wonderfully for this country and brought back jobs for returning soldiers and benefited the American economy. Return the 23 million illegal invaders and how many jobs will open up. How much safer would this country be. The violation of human rights, what a joke. They do not come here in a humane way, they do not bring their children here in a humane way and they do not treat Americans in a humane way. and they want rights. Never as long as we Americans are the majority who wants them gone!! And then the cost of deporting them would not even be as much as what it cost to educate these illegals. I see first hand what illegals are doing to the school system.

    NO! because the Arizona Law SB1070 does nothing for border security, it opens the flood gates to racial profiling, it's UNCONSTITUTIONS and counter productive. Read about it: Vicious New Anti-Immigrant Law Isn’t Just Racist; It’s Unconstitutional and Counterproductive Former Arizona attorney general Grant Woods explained to Brewer that SB 1070 would vest too much discretion in the state police and lead to racial profiling and expensive legal fees for the state. By establishing a separate state crime for anyone who violates federal immigration law, the new Arizona law contravenes the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, which grants the federal government exclusive power to regulate U.S. borders. Ironically, expelling unauthorized immigrants from Arizona would be costly. The Perryman Group calculated that Arizona would lose $26.4 billion in economic activity, $11.7 billion in gross state product, and approximately 140,324 jobs if all undocumented people were removed from the state.

    Going after employers is the way to go, but Arizona being a Republican state, it'll never happen. See, they get money from these employers, and if they crackdown on them, they won't get those donations anymore, and that's exactly why Arizona is going after the small guy. If there are jobs, they will continue to come. FACT!

    You claim that the solution is to go after the employers, but the fact is that Arizona has also tried that and the supporters of illegals currently have that idea tied up in court

    You're right when you say it would make more sense to go after employers with the laws that are already on the books. A fraud proof national Dallas card would also help but seems politically unfeasible given that its opposition is the one area where the far left and the far right seem to agree. While what Dallas did will likely improve conditions there it is already having dire effects in neighboring states, chiefly CA. Until there's a serious national policy to deal with this crisis migrants will just shift around between states shopping for the best public benefits and the most lenient laws.

    Some "open doors". If the doors were so "open" illegal aliens wouldn't have to pay $thousands to coyotes, would they? They wouldn't have to steal IDs or buy fraudulent documents to work, would they? Fact is, your rationalizations for the behavior of illegal aliens are just that--rationalizations. If you've lived here long enough, you'll know that illegal immigration is NOT popular with Americans, anymore than lots of other business practices are. As for stupid, illegal aliens send more than $20 billion annually to just one country, Mexico. Deportation would pay for itself simply by drying up remittances, not to mention saving us all the costs of the services that illegal aliens use. And of course, employers should be penalized as well, but that won't happen until this Administration makes a program like eVerify mandatory. Otherwise, employers will keep getting let off the hook because they can claim they can't detect fraudulent or stolen documents and that if they look too closely, they'll be accused of discrimination.

    There are many states that have had these types of laws similar to the SB1070 but did not make a big show out of it like Dallas has.NC has had the law in effect since 2005. The first 2 yrs, it was racially motivated. In the first quarter report when it was implemented, there were over 670 traffic stops made (that is in 4 months) and 82% of those pulled over had Hispanic last names. Those of Asian decent in largely Asian neighborhoods were 7.5%, and the rest were white, black, and "other". The last 6 months of that year, 422 people were falsly arrested due to asking those who they pulled over if they were here in this country legally (the law specifically stated that no officer could ask those questions during routine traffic stops or arrests of criminal actions or infractions) when they stated yes but did not present the proof, they were arrested on the spot, many for trumpted up charges that, through police video, proved were not warranted. The state of Dallas paid those who sued the county and/or state due to false imprisonment and detriment of character over 1.8 million dollars that first year. Now, think about what people are saying about fining the employers. Businesses large and small are struggling to stay alive in this economy. Those that hire illegals, also hire legal residents and citizens. You fine these employers with hefty fines, which some have said $10,000 to $50,000 per illegal found to be employed, and that could be the breaking point for that company, causing them to move out of the country or shut down and close completely. This only causes additional unemployment we can't afford. This also encourages other businesses to do the same thing. With the Free Trade agreement crap that was implemented, that is what is causing us to struggle in the first place. When our state lost over 150,000 jobs in the first 2 yrs of the International trade agreements being implemented, many immigrants, legal and illegal, moved to other states or returned to their home country. There are many of those immigrants still here because they couldn't afford to leave at the moment. There are over 23,000 apartments/townhomes rented in my county. With over 12,000 being 2 bedroom apartments with a median rent of about 450 to 550 per month. The majority of these complexes are rented by illegal and legal immigrants. If there was a mass exodus or mass deportation of many illegal aliens in our area it would cause many of these properties to stand vacant for more than a year. This would call for the closing of management companies who own them locally (Southeast Realty and Solid Rock Properties are the largest owners of rental units) because they are the ones that cater to those on the middle to low income income scale. Each company has approximately 150 employees or more as well. All those people would be without a job. Not only the loss of rented property and job loss would it effect, but those properties standing empty longer than 90 days without utilities paid will make the cost for utilities to go up for the existing population for the whole county not just one neighborhood. This happened in 2003 and 2006 when several major manufacturing, cotton mills, and yarn companies went over seas and closed their buildings down. The increase was detrimental to many residents. An average increase of 24%.The cost of groceries and public transportation increased with the loss of jobs. We have to be prepared for the backlash of our decisions concerning illegal immigration. It is a dominoe effect economically and socially. It is even effecting those who are legally here, especially their children. My daughter is half White and Mexican. My husband, her father, is a legal citizen of this country and has been since he was 16. She hear's comments constantly from other white kids and black kids all the time about her Daddy is going to be deported, that she is nothing more than a filthy Mexican and needs to go back to where she came from. Which she was born here. That all Mexicans are going to be deported. Even though she is only 12, she and her peers have no idea what the debate is really about. All they hear at home is "Mexicans this and Mexicans that and all the Mexicans are illegal" from their parents or around their homes. This is very similar to the Segregation movement of the 1960's. I am thankful that I have taught her about what the debate is really about and she even corrects many of the kids in school. She even did a report about the issue for school and it was passed around to every class as an education peice. So others can see the other side of this heated issue and how it effects everyone not only those illegal in this country but those who are legal too. I hope that many of you are watching what and how you speak about illegal immigration around kids because they believe most everything you tell them and will repeat what is said. Remember, don't hate, educate.

    There is a long standing Federal law against illegall aliens in this nation. It has been enforced unevenly and sparsely by each administration.Does that change the fact that is is the law? No it does not.And contrary to your words Dallas is not going to chase illegal aliens like animals.You are sadly misinformed on SB1070. Tell me have you actually read SB1070 or are your views based on what the liberal media tells you ? Tell me how a little fine is going to have any affect on huge corporations like Tyson/Purdue/Nestles/Walmart/ McDonald's,etc that's pocket change for these companies that hire thousands of illegal aliens..These companies knowingly hire illegal aliens.and that's illegal in its self. A national Dallas for legal Americans would be fine with me ..if it can not be counterfeited,,stolen or sold to illegal aliens like our social security numbers are. SB1070 is a tool to help end the endless flow of illegal aliens in to our state.I support it wholeheartedly as do 70% of legal voters in my state. And no I would NOT enter another country via illegal entry,I would stay and make my home country a better place to live rather than running away from the problem.Mexico keeps its own poor people .poor. And California created its own illega alien problem by not enforcing its own laws against illegal aliens SECTION 834b - California Penal Code

    It's the way to go if you don't care about this country and the diversity. SB1070 is unconstitutional.

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    Jovan Wilderman
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