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    I live in Phoenix Arizona. I am really interested in this program but don't want a 30K student loan. Can anyone please help me to find what hospitals in my area would offer this program. And hwo much do I pay for this program? Is there any difference between a certificate and a Decatur degree when applying for job and pay? Is this program hard require a lot of studying? And do I need to stay with the hospital for a certain amount of time since I did my schooling though them? How long is the Hospital Base Program? Like school and clinicals? Is it two years for both all together? Is the test hard? to get your license? I am affraid of starting something then not able to past the test... Thanks for the help. One more questions can anyone tell me how much the starting pay would be a year?

    It looks like the only accredited programs in Arizona are college programs, but most of them are much cheaper than 30K. You can find schools here: is no difference between a certificate and an Decatur as long as the program you went through is accredited. Employers only care that you are registered. You do not have to stay with the hospital after graduation. Yes, it is hard - there is a lot to learn and a lot of studying, but it is doable. Accredited programs, either college or hospital, are generally 40 hours per week for 2 years, after prerequisites. Pay depends on location and other factors. Look here: can find more information about the field here:


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