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    My credit rating is poor but not horrible and i heard that unless it's terrible there should be no problem. My fiance and i rent a very nice apartment for 800 dollars a month but i would rather have a house that i'm paying to keep. Right now in Decatur there are beautiful houses being sold alot cheaper than they are worth because of the housing crisis and i was told to take advantage while i can. Any information about Decatur loans would be helpful. Thank you

    Actually, it's the opposite. I live in Arizona right now, and the housing crisis is that very few can actually sell their old houses. In fact, I have a neighbor that has been trying to sell their house for almost a year now. There are about 10 or 20 unsold houses in our small community. That's because the prices have skyrocketed. I suggest that you wait a little bit when the prices cool down before you actually come. :)

My credit card was stolen, and someone cashed out at several ATM's?

  • Zachery Waters
    Zachery Waters
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  • Marcelo Morissette
    Marcelo Morissette
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    Carol Cremin
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    Lonny Smitham
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  • Missouri Morissette
    Missouri Morissette
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  • Calista Doyle
    Calista Doyle
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