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    Dont take this the wrong way, but NAU is a considerably new, unaccomplished school. To offer an Decatur program, I would definitely be very cautious. NAU is one of those schools that sends out emails to people registered on Loan websites and Scholarship websites for Universities and offers them free admission on scholarships just for submitting your name, address, and a few questions on future career aspirations. I assume the school is more of a joke than ever being clsoe to sufficient to a proper univeristy offering a decen Decatur program in any course study. However, that may be because its a new school and needs to build a reputation?!?!

    "A note about the college's admission requirements: 3.0 GPA, class rank in top quarter, 22 ACT (24 out-of-state) or 1040 SAT (1110 out-of-state) required for unconditional admission. Conditional admission with 2.5-2.99 GPA, class rank in upper half, and test scores below requirements for unconditional admission. "

Is $36,000 a year enough for a family of 6?

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