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    I live in Phoenix Arizona. I am really interested in this program but don't want a 30K student loan. Can anyone please help me to find what hospitals in my area would offer this program. And hwo much do I pay for this program? Is there any difference between a certificate and a Dewy Rose degree when applying for job and pay? Is this program hard require a lot of studying? And do I need to stay with the hospital for a certain amount of time since I did my schooling though them? How long is the Hospital Base Program? Like school and clinicals? Is it two years for both all together? Is the test hard? to get your license? I am affraid of starting something then not able to past the test... Thanks for the help.

    There are many schools in many states where you can get trained to be a radiologic technologist (the proper term for a x-ray tech). You can attend a hospital based program (and earn a certificate), a 2 year college program (AS degree), and even a 4 year college program (BS degree). The hospital based programs are the least expensive, and honestly, I think the education received there is superior. Once you graduate and take your registry exam, no future employer is going to care what type of educational program you went through. All they care about is your license. You can find an accredited RT program at this site. Just search "radiography" and your state...links are provided which will give you additional information on each program (cost, duration of program, contact person): are no hospital based programs in Arizona. The costs of the college based programs range from $1,719 to $21,450, but there are three schools under $5,000. Remember that your entire educational experience will be preparing you to pass your registry exams. In 2007, 90.8% of people taking the ARRT radiography examinations passed and received their license. Not bad odds, I think. It is a lot of work and commitment, but if your put your energy into it, you will succeed. You can look at the statistics for those taking the ARRT registry here: highly recommend you do an observation in both a hospital imaging department and a free standing imaging facility. Until you see what RTs do, you won't know if it is the job for you! It would also give you a wonderful opportunity to talk to RTs in your area. Best wishes..... Oh, another good resource....check out the student area of the ASRT website: American Society of Radiologic Technologists just did a large salary survey, in 2007. The salary varies, depending on your experience, specialties and geographical area. To view, the survey, and see the average salary in your state, you can go to this link:

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