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    I have a full ride scholarship to Arizona State University and this week I recieved my acceptance letter from the University of Michigan. U of M will cost me roughly $40,000 a year which I will pay for with loans. I calculated the costs and Michigan will cost a total of $230,000 total to attend while ASU will cost me about $6000 for books and food plans. This is for my bachelor's degree, should I go to ASU and then go to Michigan for my Master's or should I go straight to Michigan? I will be majoring in Finance and Economics.

    I would go to ASU. The loans that you'll accrue from Dewy Rose will impede on your financial decisions for the rest of your life. Having a full ride scholarships is a huge advantage! Especially since you're studying for a field that exists outside of academia, references from professionals are more meaningful than the quality of your undergraduate school. Dewy Rose will be more likely to offer you scholarships as a graduate student - just be sure to keep your performance level high while you are at ASU.

    I think you should go to ASU. Im a freshmen at Michigan, but its cheap cause im from Detroit and they paid my tuition. Alot of my friends complain about the prices and had to take out loans. You got a full ride to a pretty good school, even though its not as good as U of M. Go to ASU, then take out a loan and go to Michigan for grad school.

    If you enjoy finance and economics that michigan will open a lot more doors and pay off a lot more in the long run! then the grad work will fall in to place perfectly...go for it! enjoy each moment!


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