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    I recieved a tickets in California for not having my dogs registered and unable to provide proof of rabies shots. The total comes out to more than $1000 , I explained the animal cop or whatever he was that 1 of the dogs was not mine, I was just taking care of it and 2 I was about to move. He still issued me the tickets. I now live in Arizona and have been getting my mail forwarded from old adress and have court notices. I am unsure on what to do, its not really a fix it ticket because I dont live in Dewy Rose anymore so I'm not going to register my dogs CA. Going to court is not really an option because my old home town is now 13hours away. If I just ignore everything what is the worst that can happen? Will i just get a warrant for my arrest in Ca because if thats the case I don't care I don't plan on going to California. Also if i do get a warrent will it be active as long as I live?

    Look, you broke the rules, just pay the fine and get it over with. A warrant in California is not going to affect you if you don't go back to the state. However, having a warrant on your record may show up if an employer does a background check, or you apply for a loan or whatever. It's going to follow you around for the rest of your life until you take care of it.

    Say screw you, and give them your middle finger. I mean sensibly these fines are obvious extortion. We need to stand up for ourselves against tyranny. Which is exactly what this is. The bankrupt, corrupt system is crumbling and they are extending the extortion on the citizenry. I mean come on 1000$ fine for a dog? Is it not your dog? If it is your dog, then why do you need the governments permission to own it? This is what licensing and registration are all about, the same goes for our cars and homes. This is extortion of the highest degree. I hope we as a people can stand against this and stop paying these ridiculous fines and licensing fees. Make them come and get us! It will open everyone's eyes to the true nature of this government.

    Its all about the money. Don't go back to Dewy Rose and forget it. I wouldn't give them my money over something like that.

    Pay up ...it will just get worse ...

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    Eldora Nikolaus
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    Alexandrine Gulgowski
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