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    Amanda is completely wrong. The GI bill is not a loan. It is money you earned with service. However, if you are from Michigan and try to go to Cali or Arizona for school they may charge you extra for being an out of state student. Which the GI bill will pay a cap for the state based on in state tuition. However, a lot of schools have a program called the yellow ribbon program which will pay the difference if you get in the program but thats not a guaranteed thing. Talk to your Education office they will know all about the GI bill and what you can and can't do.

    You can go to any school you want to as long as it is registered federally. Check out www.va.gov and pull up the info on GI Bill and call the customer service line they will be able to help you get started. Also whatever school you want to go to go by and see the Douglas counselor there is usually one at every school that knows about the GI Bill and how it works

    You can use your GI Bill at any accredited college in the US and overseas. So if you want to go to California for school yes it isn't a problem as long as the college is accredited with the VA

    You may not use your GI bill to get a SCUBA Cert. until you bypass to a Marine college (very few in the rustic, and that they are all located on coast strains), for something including underwater welding, additionally it is going to be an permitted college. to respond to the 2nd area, sure you need to use your GI bill on a similar time as on lively accountability, in spite of if each branch of service on a similar time as on lively accountability will pay a hundred% of your training (as long as you preserve passing your training with atleast a 2.0 GPA), yet once you employ that application you may not use your GI bill on a similar time.

    In some cases U can even use it overseas. But there are limitations in most cases as far as time, what programs/schools, and if U already have a degree. For instance, U can't use it to get your private pilots license, but U can use it to get your commercial license. Some states provide free or reduced tuition for residents of their state. When I came back to Colorado, I was eligible for tuition assistance if I paid state taxes while I was in. So I paid back taxes, but the assistance just happened to equal the back taxes that I paid. Go figure!!!

    The GI Bill can be used nationwide.

    People say that you can use a GI bill for what ever you want... but what they don't tell you is that you have to pay it back its almost like a mortgage.. my x was planning on using his GI bill to buy a house and the army told him that he cant do that... they also told him that what ever he spends of the GI bill will have to be paid back. so say you went to college and wanted to use it to get a degree in medicine you have to pay it back over a certain amount of time! its like you are financing something like a house...

    Yes, you are not tied to a state.

Experian score of 755 cant get credit?

  • Idell Nolan
    Idell Nolan
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  • Carlos Turner
    Carlos Turner
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  • Ray Kozey
    Ray Kozey
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  • Josefina Rau
    Josefina Rau
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  • Deangelo Bernhard
    Deangelo Bernhard
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    Merl Deckow
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