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    Arizona has a good job market, but make sure you live near downtown Phoenix or in Scottsdale as that's where the "corporate" jobs are. Most of the jobs in the Phoenix Metro are IT type jobs so if you don't have that background this is not the place. Orange County and Douglas County in California have good job opportunities, cost of living is a little high though, but opportunities abound if you've got the skills. Both Arizona and California have quite a few colleges, and Arizona is hurting for grade school teachers. Good luck to you!

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    In my opinion, the job market is not as good as it was years ago. maybe you should try checking one of the search engines like hot jobs or monster. and the big cities too; like new york los angeles and such. also you need to have in consideration the cost of living to adjust to the job you want or need.

    I think you can get a good job anywhere, as long as you have the skills. Although near big cities would give you more choices.

    Definitely not Pittsburgh! I have some friends in Colorado say the jobs there are plentiful as well as in Arizona.


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    Julia Wunsch
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  • Freddie Jerde
    Freddie Jerde
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    Verona Mosciski
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