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    Hi! I'm from a suburb of Chicago, IL, just turned 19 years old and attending the University of Arizona as a freshman. My first semester was awful in every sense--academically, socially, mentally...I just wasn't ready for college and dug myself in a very deep hole because of it (GPA wise). I've only recently realized I'm extremely unhappy at this U and in my sorority, and want out. The environment and people resulted in my homesickness, depression and ultimately isolation from everything. Unfortunately, my low GPA does not allow me to transfer just about anywhere. Last year, as a high school senior, I got into Indiana U, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Iowa, CU Boulder and Arizona (and obviously made the wrong decision). I just visited U of Illinois last weekend and fell in LOVE! I'm struggling hard core right now with stress, regret (though, useless) and unhappiness. I'm at a cross road trying to figure out how to leave Arizona, how to get my GPA up and maybe end up with a degree from Illinois. Should I go to community college (either local, or near U of Illinois' campus?) and try later on to get in there? Should I stick it out at Arizona for the degree? I've been thinking I could live abroad with my best friend until the spring semester next year, but that'd result in me most likely having to take out loans for my remaining school (as opposed to my dad paying). Any advice on this is MUCH appreciated.

    Also, since I didn't express it in the question, everything about Arizona promoted my crappy grades. Not only was I not ready myself for college, but the environment of the school is a joke and from there on out my academics never stood a chance. (Not blaming the school, taking responsibility, but I fully believe if I were at another school I would've been a MUCH different student).

    If you're miserable at Arizona, then there's no point in staying and paying out of state tuition. Go home, spend a year at a community college, get your act together and then reapply for the U. of Illinois if that's where you want to go. I'm surprised you didn't at least look at the school during your original application process since it's only a couple of hours from Chicago. You could have saved your parents a lot of money and yourself a lot of unhappiness if you'd seen the campus first.

    Finish this semester at Ariz. Do the best you can so there's not too much damage. Apply to Illinois, now if possible. If it's too late, fill the time gap at your local CC (make up what you screwed up and pick up a few more credits while you wait) and apply to Illinois at the first opportunity. Talk to their Admission's Office. Your high school grades should carry most of the weight. You were already admitted once. Do not join a sorority! You're going there to learn, not to play! There's plenty of time for that later.

    Hmm, yes if you want to go to Univ of Illinois , then yes can you put in for a transfer ? you can declare a major that requires a much lower GPA ,,, also Univ of Illinois Champagne has a full fledged online degree program, are you able to do that ,, From what you said, at Arizona, you were just unmotivated so your grades suffered. And you need to be closer to home : so you should definitely go to Illinois . Just a matter of how to get in. I would not recommend dropping out for a year. That will really break your momentum. Community College is better. I don't know what requirements Illinois has to be transferred.

    I am surprise too that you did not visit universities before you applied, or at least after you got in. Go back home, go to a CC and retake classes you failed. Bring your GPA a back up and apply to an Douglasville state school

    You want to remember that GPA's in college are going to be lower than your GPA in high school. Most students fail at least one or two classes during their freshmen year. The best way to get yourself back on track is to get order and routine back into your daily life. Make sure you have a studying schedule and proper notes.

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  • Aletha Jenkins
    Aletha Jenkins
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  • Nichole Boyer
    Nichole Boyer
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  • Michele Mann
    Michele Mann
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